New emoji for forgiveness

New Emoji For Forgiveness Proposed

A new emoji for forgiveness has been proposed.There are various emojis for different reactions, as it is with the expression of love, disgust, excitement, anger, and several others. This particular emoji is to show an act of forgiveness the same way other emojis express emotions. This proposed forgiveness emoji was the creative work of the […]


Life is all about Becoming, Evolving, and Transforming

Life is about becoming! Life is about evolving. To become is to evolve. To evolve is to transform. But do we really become? There are so many questions that beg for answers. Yes, questions only YOU can give answers to. Life is in phases. A toddler grows into a teenager and then into an adult […]


cat mimics human behavior

Evidence as Cat Mimics Human Behavior

This cat mimics human behavior, he is seen responding to and imitating his owner’s behavior.Cats are animals that have lived with humans for a very long time. Would it be strange if a cat can mimic human behavior and act the same way a human does? Evidence as cat mimics human behavior has been seen […]

Saudi Arabia's dog cafe

Saudi Arabia’s Dog Cafe Impresses Pet Owners

Saudi Arabia’s dog cafe is the first dog cafe Saudi Arabia will have. This dog cafe is located in Khobar and this will give pet owners the privilege to get some much fun with their puppies. This café will give pet owners a great opportunity to have much fun with their dogs while they are […]

watching cute animals improves health

Watching Cute Animals Improves Health, Science Reveals

Science always reveals so many scientific things to us through methodic research and evidence. One of the interesting revelations is that watching cute animals improves health. Everyone wants improved health and one of the ways this can be achieved is to continuously watch cute animals. Science always has backings and one of the backings for […]

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