Him and I


Sometimes I think my insecurity and I are a dysfunctional couple, he always gets blamed for my faults then he fights back hurling curses

Because of him I learnt to be quiet in places where I should be loud and not fight back when I’m pushed

Because of him, I stopped trying to be loved and understood, he put my failure on a loop reminding me of times I was kicked,rejected and told I wasn’t good enough

Ever wondered why when you talk to me,I start to fidget and my voice sounds hoarse? Its actually because I’m fighting a losing battle with my possessive irrational lover

Please,if you see my ex ,tell him the reason we didn’t work was because he wasn’t aware he was in a love triangle with my insecurity and I

So when you say hi to me sometimes and I don’t reply, its probably because at that very moment I’m arguing with him and he hates being ignored

I’ve really tried to cut him off but he never goes away

I guess I’m stuck in this relationship

2 thoughts on “Him and I

  1. Wow! This is well carved and structured. I love it! And this happens a lot and when it does, it leaves relationship for dead!

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