thoughts or the actions

Is it all about the thoughts or the actions?


Yeah! 2019 is here, a brand new year, filled with wishes, plans, dreams, aims and the likes, but is it all about the thoughts or the actions?

Have you had a reminisce of what you planned last year? Did you achieve those plans? Did your dreams come to reality? Did you set out a deadline to accomplish those plans? You need to answer these questions and see the difference between your thoughts and actions.

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So many of us have got plans for 2019, it is good to have a new year resolution, but permit me to ask, do we all make those resolutions happen? Is it all about the resolutions or plans? Is it all about the thoughts or the actions? No, it is all about taking actions. We can only do well to make 2019 a fulfilled year only when we put our plans into actions.

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Below are some tips:

  • Put God first in all your plans
  • Write down your plans
  • Have a background check daily
  • Do away with negative habits
  • Put all your plans into action
  • Surround yourself with positive-minded people

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