Suicide: An option?


Over the years, across the globe, there has been a high rate in the cases of suicide reported. It is so heartbreaking that youths aren’t left out in this abysmal act. Suicide is the intentional killing of oneself. It is also the deliberate act of causing one’s death.

Sometimes, there could be an “assisted suicide” where an individual helps another to kill indirectly by offering a means to the end which could be in the form of an advice.

There are many factors responsible for suicide today. Among these include: Family conditions, social situations, economic and financial problems, mental illness, physical health, stress and substance misuse.

According to research, genetics could also be responsible for suicide. Genetics appears  to account for about 38% to 55% of suicidal behaviours.

Depression however, is the major risk factor for suicide. In psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry, different cases of depression have been handled. Depression brings about unhappiness and a low morale towards life’s activities.

Depression is a broad topic which I would like to discuss. It is a mental disorder mostly long-term which is characterized by unhappiness. People who are depressed are often losing interest in normal and daily life’s activities. Depressive disorder causes a damaging effect on an individual’s life. This includes: the spiritual work life, general health, eating habits, relationships and even sleep.

In 2015, it was reported that 3% of the world’s population was affected by depression. Stigmatization or loneliness could also cause depression and this could lead to suicide.

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