The dangers of Laziness


Laziness can be referred to as the unwillingness to work or use one’s energy. It can also be referred to as being idle. Laziness frequently comes as procrastination, the act of postponing or delaying a task that should be accomplished. It is also linked to depression. When depression sets in, most people find it difficult to get their head straight and embark on something productive. People with this trait could be dangerous.

7 Dangers of Laziness

A Lazy Mindset:

Laziness Leads to Destruction

Lazy people bring others down with them, and most times they feel avoided by most people. These people are probably separating themselves from the possible destruction from your depression and negativity.

Leads to Poverty

Laziness leads to poverty

This applies to the monetary as well as the emotional, relational, physical and spiritual aspects of health

Laziness Makes you a Slave

Laziness makes you a slave

Lazy people have very little or no options. Both their choice of work and opportunities for advancement are limited.

Allows Selfishness to determine your actions

Selfishness motivates times of laziness. When you are lazy, you are definitely avoiding something, and your actions will be chosen by your selfish desires to satisfy your flesh.

Makes you Neglectful

Lazy people are usually characterized by lack of concern or paying no attention to responsibilities.

Makes you Gossip

Laziness makes you gossip

Lazy people gossip a lot, and this is because they do not want to focus on the idleness and laziness present in their own lives.

Lacks Purpose

A lazy person completes a task without purpose. It’s just like a butcher going through the stress to kill an animal and then abandons the carcass to rot.

One of the dangers of being lazy and having an idle mindset is the impact on other people. This is very true for those in leading roles from presidents to parents. Most of the time, they:

  • Have dreams but fail to back it up with action
  • Are greedy and can never be satisfied
  • They frustrate and discourage their subordinates
  • They fail to warn their followers of the dangers ahead.

Final Thoughts

Nothing positive comes for the Lazy and they usually have a negative effect on others. This ripple effect cannot be avoided.

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