Red was the most notorious criminal in the city of Lagos. She was the lady in mask; she had no identity, for nobody knew her “real” face. She was smart, evil and was involved in every nefarious act. Any operation she carried out, she left a piece of red cloth at the scene. That was how she was named “Red”.

She was just twenty years old, but a she-devil. She was into drugs and this made her a pest feasting on every available prey in her community.

One night, a thief broke into a house, shedding blood of every innocent soul at the house. Then they went away with a huge sum of money and dropped a black cloth at the scene. This made the police dumb-founded, this was because they suspected another criminal had emerged. At the scene, a note was dropped with the inscription BLACK boldly written on it.

Investigations began thoroughly. Who was this hardened criminal? Past records of her robbery and other criminal activities were looked into. One amazing fact was that the thief carried out the vicious act alone. For weeks, Red stopped all operations. Everywhere was serene and people went about with their various activities joyfully.

One afternoon, there was a robbery that took place. Four masked people had robbed  a bank, killing many people. This made the case more complicated. It was like a puzzle. It must have been a new group of thrives, the police said with affirmation. The bank was shut down because blood stains were everywhere, many equipment were damaged and lives were lost including the General Manager. At the scene, a red cloth was dropped.

The day Red was caught, it was like a nightmare to her, she had robbed another bank with three other men. They were unmasked. They had earlier sent a letter to the police with several threats, including how they would kidnap the Commissioner of Police.. They had broken into the bank, all of them armed with guns and machetes.

A boy had seen them, and immediately informed the police. He was seen, and Red shot him in the eyes and mouth. After their robbery, their car had flat tyre. They mounted on bikes and began to stray bullet at people. The police arrived and there was exchange of bullets between both parties. Red was shot in her legs. The police captured her and two other badly injured criminals. They were detained, and investigations began.

Who was Red? Who was Black? Why were they involved in wicked acts? Was Red, Black? Find out.

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