building up a child

Building up a child


Who should be blamed for a child’s deficiencies? The family? Government? The society? Religious institutions or Media? Who? You or Me? Someone might say every institution should be blamed. Well, you may be right! It’s safer and saner to consider factors that help in building up a child.

Everyone of us is part of the society. It is noteworthy that a society cannot exist without individuals. An individual is a person who is made up of spiritual, legal, physiological, social, mental, emotional and financial element. These elements affect the kind of personality an individual has, the distinct qualities that define him. A child is an individual. A child is a member of a society. The way a child behaves or relates is dependent on the values or vices learnt.

Values are golden; they produce self worth, self esteem, respect, integrity, discipline, hard work and love for humanity. Today, vices seem to have eaten deep into our children’s lives. Thus, this brings destruction, loss of value, high rate of crime, thuggery , love of money, sexual impurity, among others. The “Leaders of Tomorrow” have become “Slaves of today”. What can slaves do? Absolutely nothing! A slave only listens to the dictates of his master.

Our children are our reflections, dreams, glory , blessing, strength, and beauty, they shouldn’t become distorted images, our shatter of hope, our falls and the society’s nightmare.

A child’s agent of socialization is the family. The family is the smallest unit of the society. A child becomes what he or she learns at home, this later affects the society; positively or negatively.

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It’s a clarion call and awakening to the society at large, everyone is involved in building up a child. A child mirrors the society’s values, principles, laws as well as its ills, flaws, faults, vices, intolerance and excesses.

An answer to the question is: Everyone should be blamed for a child’s deficiencies. Why? We all make up the society building the society. Your quota is needed. My quota is needed. Family needs restructuring, values need to be imbibed in every individual’s life. We choose our government.

Let’s choose right! Government needs to enlighten and educate the society at large. Religious institutions should do well to preach love, unity, tolerance and not the love of money. The media should be a paper tool for educating minds of people. What builds a child’s sanity is our value.

What an individual learns at childhood affects his adulthood. Let’s do the right thing as a nation. Live and let’s live!

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