Behind The Beauty: Episode 1


Always see behind the beauty; not all that glitters is gold. This is a true life story that happened recently. I just decided to share

It was a bright morning and I had to put my room in order. It was her first visit, two weeks after she accepted to be my girlfriend. She planned staying for a week and I wanted to make sure she had a nice time, one to remember.

She had left Oshodi already, so I quickly rushed down to the market to get some food items. Two days into the relationship, she told me yam and fish stew was her favorite meal, so I thought it wise preparing just that.

She came in exactly 11a.m and we were so happy to see each other. After a few words, I presented the meal before her. Surprisingly, she changed her countenance. I became worried and asked what the problem was, she then said yam and fish stew wasn’t the kind of meal she expected me to prepare, she expected something special and made it clear that she was disappointed in me.

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I was discouraged because I went through a lot of stress to prepare the meal, but to keep things going, I brightened up and asked what she would love to eat.  She said rice, so I went straight to the kitchen and put the rice on fire. I came back to the room and tried to continue the discussion, but she responded in a harsh way. Noticing that she wasn’t ready to talk to me, I switched on the television.

While she concentrated on the television, I still tried talking to her but she refused to respond, so I just sat there thinking of what to do to appease her. Just 45 minutes at my place and it felt like hell!

After a while, the rice was ready and I dished it out and brought it to her in a tray. She shook her head again in disbelief and asked rudely: “Williams, what is this?” I was shocked but replied calmly “rice and stew”. She yelled “Williams, what I asked was not white rice and stew with common beef, I wanted fried rice and chicken, I don’t eat white rice.”

I sat down slowly in disbelief. At first it looked like a joke, but the frown on her face confirmed her anger. I was already frustrated, but now that I know exactly what she wanted, I took a bike straight to the eatery, bought the food and brought it home; then I presented it before her and she ate it up. I just sat there imagining what mess I’ve put myself in and how I would survive the remaining six days.

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After the meal, she just sat back while I tidied up the place. I could only take a glass of water because I had lost my appetite. I just didn’t know what to say to her. I was sad, hollow and disappointed. I just dozed off on the chair.

After a few minutes, I noticed a touch on my hands and I woke up in surprise, behold she was standing before me. “I want to see you, could you come to the bed please” she said. I followed her and after a long gaze at my face, she apologized for the stress she made me go through and promised to make the rest of her stay a lovely one. After listening to her, I brightened up and ate the yam she rejected.

Later in the evening, I decided to take her around the beautiful Obafemi Awolowo University campus. Showing her around, she kept making bad comments about the university’s environment. I felt she had a personal beef with OAU and then I wondered what institution she attended.

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I asked and she said UNILAG. I doubted her response because I have met quite a number of UNILAG students both undergraduate and postgraduate, and none of them made such outrageous comments about the beauty and educational standards of the institution.

Beef or no beef, they were always sincere in their comments. I waved her comments aside and then took her to the Shawarma spot. I ordered for the both of us, so we sat waiting.

Soon, the Shawarma was ready and we were about taking our leave, when I met a course mate who was also a postgraduate student of the Demography and social statistics department. He was so happy to see me and we spoke for about 2 minutes, then we parted ways.

As we boarded a bus heading home, I noticed a change in her countenance, so I asked what the problem was. As usual, she refused to say a word. I noticed that other passengers focused their attention on us; they must have noticed something was wrong and I knew quite well they wanted to know more, so i decided to keep it quiet till we get home.

On getting home, I spoke to her, but she yelled out like she has been waiting to pour out her anger. She said: “Williams how could you keep me waiting for so long all because you saw one of your friends. He is also very stupid for not acknowledging my presence. Also, we have been dating for sometime now, you couldn’t even introduce me to your friend, definitely you have introduced someone else to them already.” She then sat on the chair, with anger written all over her face.

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Once again, this came as a shock; I only had a two minute talk with my course mate. I understood her point of not introducing her to him, but still I felt it wasn’t compulsory, he was just a course mate and we weren’t close at all to disclose such. All these I tried to explain to her, but she wouldn’t listen.

I checked the time it was 10:08 pm, over an hour I have been trying to calm her down. Since, she wouldn’t listen, I just sat down frustrated. I also wondered why such a beautiful and sexy lady will behave in such an awkward manner.

It was our first time staying together and quarrels would surely come up; so I consoled myself with hopes of brighter days ahead, then took my Shawarma and dropped hers on the table where she was seated. Before I could take a seat, she opened the door and flung the Shawarma outside, she then came in, slamming the door angrily.

Praise, why are you behaving this way.” I was very angry already but ignored her; I ate my Shawarma and then washed my hands and started reading my handouts.

Five minutes later, she started ‘crying’. I initially thought the cry was from outside, until I noticed her head bent on the table. I went to her and apologized even though I was not wrong in any way. She then stopped crying and said “so you prevented me from eating tonight, we shall see”. She pulled off her top and went to the bed.

I sat beside her on the bed still trying to console her. I wanted to boil rice, she turned it down insisting that she would only eat if I went back to get her Shawarma. At this point, I stopped pleading with her. This has been happening for too long, I just sat watching her as she slept.

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I thought it would be a lovely day, but I had wasted the whole day on trivial things. Asides the stress I went through, I wasted some money. I was in love with her and I kept asking myself if this strange character of hers will stop. I said to myself: “if this continues till the third day, I will have to end things with her.

These thoughts kept roaming through my mind, till I dozed off! Little did I know that my nightmare has just begun.

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