Behind the Beauty: Episode 2


…….Continued from behind the beauty: Episode 1

It was 2.30am and felt something vibrating around me so I woke up, and behold it was her handset with the caller named Kay. I was about tapping her when she woke up and swiftly collected the phone from me. She then hissed and said “my brother” and then dropped the phone without picking it. Truly, she told me she had a brother named Kayode, so I believed her but wondered why he was calling at that time of the night.

I decided to go back to bed, but the phone rang and rang again, I had to wake her up to pick the call. But instead of her to pick up, she just switched off the phone.

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It was morning and I asked her why she refused to pick her brother’s call, she simply asked me to mind my own business. After thinking about it for a while, I concluded that she had fallen out with her younger brother, her reason for refusing to pick up his calls. I then went out to get indomie, her choice for breakfast.

Coming back and getting to my doorstep, I heard her making a call and while coming in, she said: “Okay bye bye dear, I love you….muah” and ended the call. I was shocked when she burst into laughter saying “I got you!” I laughed in return, because I felt she just pranked me

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She took the indomie from me and then went to the kitchen to cook. While I waited in the room, her phone beeped, and now I was even more inquisitive than ever.

The message read: “Hello, why are you behaving this way. You think I don’t have money? I will pay you 25k for just two nights.” No one needed to tell me what kind of service the sender of the message wanted her to render.

I then checked her call history and lo, that same time I went out to get the indomie, she was actually on a call with Kay. Now, I wondered what sort of love will exist between her and Kay.

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Well, I felt she finally decided to settle things with her brother, but kissing him through the phone was another thing I couldn’t comprehend. However, she still had to answer for the strange message sent to her.

She came back smiling, and when she noticed my change of countenance, asked what went wrong. I showed her the text message and asked who sent it and what was really going on.

She then said the guy in question got her number through Facebook and has been demanding sex and nothing more. She also said she had warned the guy on several occasions, but he wouldn’t listen.

I knew quite well that some guys could really behave this way, but still didn’t wave off the fact that Praise might really be doing shit, and this guy was just interested in patronizing her.  I just pretended as if I believed her and then changed the discussion.

The whole day went well and we went to bed. Her phone vibrated again around 1am and I woke up again only to see it was Kay calling. She then woke up and picked the call, and the person speaking didn’t sound like her younger brother at all, because he kept asking where she was in a very harsh tone. Due to my presence, she wasn’t free to talk, she could only say “I’m sleeping, I will call you in the morning.” She then ended the call, switched off her phone and then went back to bed.

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At this point, I was sure the caller wasn’t her brother, but wondered who the caller could be. I couldn’t sleep again till morning. As usual, she woke up and said nothing. I noticed she was awake and I greeted her good morning, she then responded like she was in charge. This time, I decided to ask her some questions because I wasn’t comfortable anymore.

I asked: “Praise, who is Kay? And why is he always calling? Even at night he calls. Why will your so called younger brother be monitoring your movement, and scold you because you missed his calls? And it’s only when I go out, you call this same person. What’s going on?”  

But she replied angrily: “What’s your business? And why are you checking through my phone; did I give you the permission to do that? And mind you, I’ve told you Kay is my younger brother and if you think otherwise, that’s your business.”

At this point, I was fuming with anger but I had to calm myself. There’s no need having a war of words with her, so I just picked up my earpiece and started listening to some good music.

After fifteen minutes, she had her bath and started packing up her things. She thought I would try to plead with her, but all I felt was happiness and joy; infact I couldn’t wait for her to leave. After packing her stuffs, she kept lingering and I had to hasten her.

Praise, please make it snappy; I need to lock my door.” She then shouted back: “Please keep shut! I will take my leave.” she then walked out slamming the door. It felt like being completely free from bondage, like I’ve been caught in the web for years. I just knelt down right there thanking God for delivering me from the deceptive and evil nature of Praise. I vowed never to call her again.

There was no lecture for the day, so I decided to have a nice time. I had my bath and then sat down to watch a movie. Praise, while expecting me to call her back waited somewhere for an hour, and when I didn’t, she took a bike back. I heard knocks at my door, and lo, it was Praise.

She was in tears and I asked what the problem was. She then said that her manager just called informing her that she has been re-assigned from being the hotel receptionist to take charge of the pool, and that she couldn’t work there anymore because almost all the ladies working in that section end up as commercial sex workers. 

I knew this was another blatant lie just to cover up her mess. Besides, I was sure that even if the story was true, she was not transferred to the pool side but fired, and was also sure this incidence happened even before her visit. Could this be happening just at the same time we decided to part ways? I knew she had a master plan and she was executing it perfectly.

This was how Praise sneaked back into my room, pretending to be depressed. I just sat there confused, demoralized and frustrated. 

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  1. Nice put together..If I were the one though, I wouldn’t have allowed her back into my house. I wouldn’t have even given her audience…but then, this is a story..for it to be more interesting, technically the lady had to be allowed in so we can know what her plan was..

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