Kylie Jenner not worthy to be the youngest self-made billionaire says Piers Morgan


Piers Morgan has said that Kylie Jenner only became the youngest self-made billionaire simply because of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape

Piers Morgan feels no admiration with Kylie Jenner’s recent achievement of being the youngest self-made billionaire, with the belief that she achieved that simply because her elder sister, Kim Kardashian made a sex tape, which popularized the family.

Particularly, Piers Morgan wasn’t comfortable with the “self-made”. He said Kylie Jenner’s success happend due Kim’s sex tape.

He tweeted: “It’s not self-made, it’s because her sister made a sex tape.”

This sex tape was made back in 2003 when Ray J and Kim were dating; however, it leaked in 2007.

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