educate yourself

Educate yourself


Yeah, educate yourself! Educating one’s self goes beyond attaining a degree or getting a formal education. Many people believe that being educated is necessary so as to earn better income, live in a good house and get married to a better person, but that isn’t just all about education.

What does this nine-letter word really mean? Wikipedia made us understand that Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits.”  Yes, this is what education means and not just getting a degree.

Your knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits really tell how far you have educated yourself. We have all got the right to do this. Education is a life learning process which continues till death. All humans have got the abilities to acquire new or existing skills, knowledge, values, beliefs and habits.

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Humans had started learning before birth and this will continue till death as long as humans’ interactions continue to exist in the society. The world is evolving, there are new inventions, ideas, skills etc; so therefore, the need to evolve, learn better and become a better person.

When we talk about ideas, skills, values and knowledge, we not referring to the negative ones, but the positive ones which will help develop you and the society rather than damage it.

We can all learn, relearn and unlearn some skills, knowledge, values, habits and ideas, to get better. Some ideas need to be unlearned while new ones be learned; it is just a process. Educate yourself everyday!

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