Lesbian couple transition


Newly wedded lesbian couple says their romance is as strong as ever after one of them went through a transgender transition

A former lesbian couple who are now husband and wife have taken the big step to come out to say they will always love each other no matter what gender they are, after one of them transitioned from female to male

Tay, 22 and anayah,19, are unique childhood sweethearts. The newly married couple who have been together for five years are based in Jacksonville, Florida

Already a year into his hormone replacement therapy, Tay wants to have bottom and top surgery but his wife anayah says it doesn’t matter what gender her husband is because she will like him regardless

Anayah went on Barcroct TV and when asked the question about her relationship, she said “I am attracted to Tay as a man just the same as I was as a woman and maybe even more. I love the same person at heart,so that’s what I fell in love with.”

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