11 year old girl stabbed to death by her mother


28 year old Rosa Alcides Rivera who lives in Orlando was arrested Sunday morning after stabbing her daughter, Aleyda Rivera to death because she wanted to “Prevent her from having sex” with men

Rosa believed her daughter was already having sex because she smiled different and went ahead to accuse her mother’s boyfriend of having sex with her daughter

Reports said the 11 year old suffered 15 stab wounds to her back and a defensive wound to her right arm

The mother drove to an Orlando hospital with the dead child and was immediately detained by security after pulling out a blooded knife

“These cases are horrific and tragic” John Mina an Orange County Sheriff told reporters

“And then to know that the child was killed by a mother basically, a mother is the first line of defense to what is sometimes a very cruel world is very hard on us all” Mina added

Authorities do not believe the child was sexually abused and witnesses said the child even denied having sex

“Based on what we know and what we’ve found so far,we believe that part to be false” Mina said. “We are doing everything we normally do in those types of allegations, investigations,to unfound that completely”

Investigators believe the child was stabbed inside the car and the mother drove around till she finally died

The mother is now being held at Orange County jail without bail

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