Health benefits of African star apple (Agbalumo)


The African star apple which is popularly known as “Agbalumo” has lots of health benefits. The brownish orange fruit is popular across Africa and it is usually harvested between the month of January and April.

Research has revealed that Agbalumo contains only 67 calories which makes it an alternative for people who would like to loose weight. The African star apple is also known for its gummy skin and sweet-sour taste. So many people consume this fruit without knowing its health benefits.

Below are the health benefits of Agbalumo

It contains vitamin C

Vitamin C is very essential for the body as it helps to protect against immune system deficiencies, eye diseases, skin wrinkling, prenatal health problems and even cardiovascular disease. For every consumption of Agbalumo, there is a high vitamin C content.

A natural remedy

It cures toothache, mouth gum disease, sore throat and even constipation.

It is medicinal

The bark of Agbalumo tree has been used by herbal practitioners to treat malaria and yellow fever, while the leaves have been found useful for treating diarrhea, stomach ache and wounds.

It prevents heart disease

When consumed, it helps prevent heart disease; it is also very good for patients with heart problems.

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