Your only competition is yourself


We are in a world where everyone wishes to have a good life; and due to this fact, people go into competition or compare their achievements with that of others.

The world is truly a very competitive one, no one wants to be retrogressing while others are progressing; this is very true about human nature. Nobody can be blamed for wanting the best in life.

Competition is certain, it is inevitable, and it happens everywhere in the world, among peers, siblings, co-workers, course mates, friends, co-wives etc.

Sometimes, it is believed that competition is necessary because it makes you keep track and makes you become better. If your aim of doing something is to get back at someone or to be seen better than that person, then competition has set in.

There are scenarios where people will have to withhold vital information that could help others progress. You must know that, doing this wouldn’t stop that person from getting where he or she would get.

God can use someone else to uplift this same person even far higher than what the person could have achieved with your help.

In so many instances, competition has led to rivalry, rift, greed, hatred, and even death. There are friends that wish your relationship or marriage isn’t successful, because they are facing issues in theirs.

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They don’t want you to get jobs that pay higher than theirs, in short they don’t want your success to be in any way compared to theirs. They claim to be your close friend, brother or family but they are not happy with your achievements and are doing everything possible to meet up; this could lead to evil plots.

It’s high time people understood that the only competitor you’ve got is yourself. Compete with your fears, failures, mistakes and worries. Tell yourself, you want to become a better person everyday, look at your past and tell yourself you want a better future and not a better past.

Lastly, we all have to realize that a good heart is priceless. No matter what you are doing or you are becoming, wish others well. Live and let others live.

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