Cardi B wins hip hop artist of the year


The rapper and the mother of one who recently won the Grammy’s for best rap album was crowned again at IHeartRadio for hip hop artist of the year beating post Malone, Drake, Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar

The mother who could not make it gave a speech in a prerecorded video dressed in a white Chanel button up and a black Beret; she thanked her fans and all her haters

She said: “And to all my haters, you know I gotta thank my haters, you know what I’m saying. Y’all be saying mean things and y’all be thinking those mean things is gonna discourage me, but that just makes me go harder…because if everybody gives compliments, I get comfortable.” She then once again thanked the haters, gave her signature, “Okurrr,” and proceeded to laugh and lick her award.

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