Soulja boy released from jail


Soulja boy who was jailed for probation violation was released few hours ago

In 2016, cops went to the rappers house after he made threatening comments online, they found the weapon which was in violation of his probation. The rapper was handcuffed and taken to jail on Friday morning for probation violation

The rapper’s lawyer told TMZ “There was no finding in regards to his probation violation” adding that there is a March 29 scheduled court date

Soulja boy went on a live video on IG saying “They took all my jewelry all my chains but still got my band on [Showing ID wristband]” he later deleted the video

‘I just got out of jail right now. I was in the county. My partner pulled up and got me and sit in court with me. I’m out of jail. This st ain’t going to stop. That got me f****d up.’ The rapper continued: ‘The biggest comeback of 2018. They try to hate on me and st. I’m not going out like [Tekashi] 69. You got me f****d up.’ Just got out of jail I might just rock to the stage. I might just go up on stage. Look at this s*t,’ he added, showing his jail wristband again. ‘You can’t hold me. I’m the hottest rapper in the game. Got me fed up,’ he said in the video

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