Judge Allows Courtroom Cameras for R.Kelly Sex Abuse Case


Cook County Associate, Judge Lawrence Edward Flood permitted cameras going forward in R.Kelly’s trial and pretrial hearings, in which the next hearing is slated for March 22. As stated, cameras will be allowed in the courtroom during Kelly’s sexual abuse trial and pretrial hearings, but his accusers would not be allowed to be photographed or filmed except on their consent to otherwise do so.

Beginning with the next hearing on March 22, Flood said cameras will be allowed and he said two of Kelly’s accusers have indicated that they don’t want their voices recorded in court as well as their pictures taken or being filmed.

The 52 years old R&B singer has pleaded not guilty to a 10 count indictment against sexual abuse related to four women,in which three were minors at the time the abuse allegedly happened. The abuse is alleged to have taken place over a decade, starting in the late 90s.

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