Nigerian man wanted in Texas on Child pornography charges still detained in Canada five months after consenting to extradition


Nigerian man Adesanya Prince is wanted in Texas for child pornography, he is currently detained in Canada nearly five months after consenting to extradition

The man was said to have walked into Canada from the US roxham road,the unofficial border crossing south of Montreal. The Nigerian man was represented by Lawyer Sabrina Lapolla last year but he later left the case in November

“I’m surprised to hear he’s still in Canada” Said Lapolla

Prince was detained and turned over to Canada border service agents who later discovered he was wanted in Texas on child porn charges. The 50 year old was found guilty to one count of “promotion of child pornography” in Harris county Texas on Feb 28,2018

Prince later fled to Canada and crossed Roxham road march 9 2018.

Prince has been living in Houston Texas but is originally from Nigeria. This was said in global news

prince was working as a security guard in 2017,when he sent his coworkers three videos, the videos contained bestiality and a sexual assault of a girl aged two to four

“Prince also made advances towards me including trying to grab my breast on two occasions” The coworker said

US Authorities filed a request for provisional arrest when he turned up in Canada,he was interviewed by police officers May 15 2017

“He acknowledged that he received the pornographic videos from a friend in December 2016, kept them on his phone for a period of time and then sent them to a co-worker,” the document read.

After pleading guilty in February last year, prince officially entered into US sex offender registry,a designation he’ll hold till he dies

He was later released from custody in Montreal for 3 days despite being a registered sex offender

Quebec superior court Justice Daniel royer denied the initial US extradition request on the grounds that the case outlined against prince was “Admissible not reliable”. The judge later found a record of the case for prosecution when it should’ve been ” For sentencing ” since prince was found guilty. Prince was discharged by Roger,the request was also dismissed

Prince was released with conditions, he was to stay with an asylum seeker who gave an affidavit. They didn’t know each other but it was stated that they were from the same tribe

Prince stayed with the man in Pierrefonds Que but was detained for three days after the US authorities made a second and note complete extradition request

Prince surrendered to the police and was detained again.

“They called and there was no resistance at all” Lapolla said. “He fully cooperated

Prince is still detained nlrth of Montreal despite consenting to extradition on November 1 2018

According to a spokesperson for the department of Justice Canada “The matter is now pending before the minister of justice for decision”

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