Is Vaping Marijuana safe? Vaping vs Smoking


Vaping of marijuana has gained popularity recently because it is preferred to smoking. This preference given to vaping is because it is less harmful compared to smoking. It doesn’t burn up unlike smoking

Research on the topic of Vaping has been less extensive until recently because it was termed illegal in many countries. However, since vaping of marijuana was made legal, it has become so popular like e-cigarettes. Is Vaping marijuana harmful? Let’s quickly educate ourselves on what vaping is all about.

What is Vaping?

Vaping, also known as e-cigarettes, is a type of cigarette that doesn’t contain tobacco and doesn’t require burning. Nicotine is the major constituent here.

A small heating element present in the device turns the liquid into vapor, which is then inhaled through a mouthpiece. There’s no combustion involved in the process, so there’s no smoke.

Is Vaping Marijuana Safe?

vaping marijuana

Research has revealed that Vaping of marijuana (weed) is beneficial and is less harmful compared to smoking. It doesn’t contain harmful substances like smoke or toxins

Research also reveals that vaping Marijuana is less harmful because it is an e-cigarette that doesn’t involve burning of smoke and toxins, but rather a liquid that vaporizes when heated up and can only be taken in when inhaled.

Yes it is less harmful, but inhaling any product by burning up is not accepted and can cause respiratory issues and an irritation to the lungs. In fact, while vaping weed, there’s always a release of more than 100 compounds and toxins are released.

Smokers can be affected by bronchitis as a result of the smoke. A research based on self-reported respiratory issues has revealed that vaping marijuana (weed) has less respiratory issues compared to smoking.


Pros and Cons of Vaping Marijuana

There are different opinions about vaping. At times, when you visit the web, you read an article revealing the health benefits of vaping and next thing, you read a news report telling you how dangerous these e-cigarettes are. With this, you are confused about the choice to make. Here, we’ll be talking about the pros and cons of vaping to give you the right frame of mind to decide which is right for you.


  • It is safer compared to smoking.

The Royal College of Physicians after conducting extensive research revealed that vaping is 95% safer compared to smoking. Since vaping has nothing to do with combustion, ash, or tar, switching to vaping will bring more health benefits to the user, because it is smoke-free.

  • Absence of noxious odors

Another great advantage of vaping marijuana is that your environment will not smell of smoke. While vaping, you may smell the aroma of the flavors used, but it won’t be the smoke from tobacco leaves. Even some will barely smell the vapor.

  • Control over the intake of nicotine

With vaping, you have full control over the dosage of nicotine you take in. E-juice comes in different strengths, ranging from one that is free of nicotine to one having high-strength nicotine.

  • Flavors available for every palate

There are different flavors to choose from. Also, new flavors are created from time to time, so there are other new options to try. The most popular flavors include beverages, desserts, fruit, menthol, foods, and tobacco.

  • No experience required

Though there are some advanced products in the market, there are also many products that cater for beginners. These products don’t require any experience. Some examples here include beginner vape starter kits and pod vapes.

  • Wide access

Vaping is now more accessible than before. Today, you can easily buy vapor products in local stores, smoke shops, gas stations, and vape shops. Also, you can easily order them online as we have countless online vape shops, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.


  • Overwhelming options

The e-liquid, equipment, and even the vaping styles almost have unlimited choices. It could become difficult to process, especially when compared to the ease of choosing any brand of cigarette and lighting up. This is why it’s important for those new to vaping to start simple.

  • Youthful perception

Depending on your country or area, since the Tobacco 21 laws were put in place, the legal age to qualify to buy vapes is 18 or 21 years. The general perception is that vaping is an activity performed by young adults. Adults that vape usually falls into ages 18 and above. The sad thing is that majority of older adults don’t feel connected to the vaping culture, which could go a long way in solving their addiction to smoking.

  • Cumulative costs

Just like other consumable products, being a vaper, you must make repeated purchases. No matter the design of your device, there’ll always be a need to replenish the e-liquid. The price, as well as quantity, in which e-liquids are sold varies.

While some brands are costly, there are other cheap options available. However, the fact is that you’ll continue to buy as one bottle will never last forever.

  • The Nicotine Stigma

Nicotine is a mild stimulant that seems to relax its user. Nicotine has been branded bad due to its history with smoking. Most people don’t differentiate between smoking and nicotine. If you’ll be using it, then you have to ignore some uninformed opinions and dirty looks from the judgmental types.

  • Uncertain health risks

The longest study carried out on vaping is 3.5 years. Its participants showed no negative effects. Sadly, we are yet to have longer research. Vaping is just about a decade old, so it’s quite impossible to have long-term data. Those that vape are taking a risk of serious hazards that might surface in the future. However, if you’ve chosen to vape to help stop smoking cigarettes, then you can at least have some rest of mind knowing that you’re avoiding the well-documented dangers associated with smoking.

  • Scary headlines

Lots of rumors and myths about vaping have been revealed in the news. Some have some truth, while others are baseless. Some of these headlines are true but these cases are isolated and made to look like it is an epidemic. Almost everything in life is unsafe, and vaping cannot be covered in this regard. The simple fact is that it is safer compared to smoking.

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The Vaping Temperature Matters

A research in 2009 to study vaporizing and the different temperatures involved not only showed that vaping is less harmful when compared to smoking, but that the temperatures matter. It is less toxic because the by-product ratio at higher temperature is higher than that of smoke

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