How to Overcome Laziness


So many people ask “how to overcome laziness” without making efforts to deal with it. For those that are still not sure of what laziness means: Laziness is having the desire to stay idle without doing anything. It also has to do with procrastination and postponement of things that should have been done.

To some extent, it also has to do with depression. When people suffer from depression, they tend to get lazy; some even feel there’s nothing more to live for, based on their past failures. Laziness is the worst enemy of success. Lazy people hardly achieve anything.

Tips on how to overcome laziness

Break your work into smaller and simpler tasks

When your task looks scary, tiring, stressful, or time consuming, all you need to do is break them into smaller and simpler tasks. This isn’t just for tasks alone, but your goals as well

Self discipline

Now you need to discipline yourself. Don’t get carried away with other things. This has to do with getting your work done at the scheduled time. Be focused!


At times, the reason why we have lazy people around us is because they lack motivation. You can be motivated via visualizations, affirmations, and considering the significance of getting the task done as well as achieving your goal. Think about why you need the work done; this should be your motivation.

Weigh your benefits

Another tip that helps to overcome laziness is weighing the benefits of getting your work done. Dont think about the difficulties surrounding the task rather consider the benefits if you overcome laziness

Stop procrastinating

One of the major causes of laziness is procrastination. If you have got things to do, try and get it done at the right time, remember procrastination is a killer of time.

Do not rush yourself

Remember you have to do your tasks one step at a time. If you have a lot to do, you can be too overwhelmed and this might lead to laziness.

Check your progress

Another way to overcome laziness is by checking how far you’ve gone in accomplishing your task, and what you need to do to get your tasks accomplished

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