Facebook is developing voice assistant to compete with Google, Apple


According to sources, Facebook is currently building its own voice assistant to compete with the likes of Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alelity Alexa.

The Tech company’s augmented reality group (AR/VR) and the company’s virtual reality Oculus headsets are currently handling the initiative.

According to some former Facebook employees who left the company some months ago, a team based in Washington has been in charge of the effort to develop the new AI assistant.

This effort is led by the director of AR/VR,  Ira Synder and Facebook Assistant. Vendors in the smart speaker supply chain have been contacted in order to  accomplish the initiative.

How exactly Facebook will envision people to utilize the assistant is yet to be known, but it could be utilized on the company’s portal video chart smart speakers mart speaker market and the Oculus headsets.

According to eMarketer, Google and Amazon are far ahead in the smart speaker market with 30% and 67% shares respectively in the U.S in 2018.

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