Good Friday: Catholic Bishop urges Christians to live life of sacrifice


Rev. Emmanuel Badejo, the Catholic Bishop of Oyo Diocese has urged Christians to learn from the significance of Good Friday by living sacrificially and be content with what they have.

In an interview with Newsmen on Friday, Badejo made this known. He also advised that Nigerians should stop lusting for position, power, money and pleasure, emphasizing that such attitude results to deceit, killings, cheating and other social vices.

He said ” “Hunger makes us victims of false preachers, rogue politicians, fraudsters, con men, among others, poverty, sickness are a result of disordered lifestyle, society and unfair distribution of resources.

We must shun utilitarian Christianity and live what we believe, celebrate the passion of Jesus, for there is power in the blood of Jesus and He is the one who makes this Good Friday good.”

The Bishop said Good Friday is a day when believers recall Jesus Christ’s sacrifice to save the world.

According to Rev.Alexander Okoye, All Saints Anglican Church, Koroduma, Nasarawa, Good Friday symbolizes the death of Jesus Christ on the cross for the atonement of our sins.

The chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Oyo state branch, Pastor Benjamin Akanmu, called on Christians to live a holy life.

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