Uwabuofu tells Buhari to probe Politicians in APC


Mr. Chidi Uwabuofo, a member of the All Progressives Congress in Delta state, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to probe corrupt politicians who seek refuge under the APC, he said the party isn’t a safe haven for politicians who are corrupt.

In a statement yesterday, Uwabuofo said that “Those who created Nigeria’s problems cannot by a mere change of their political parties become the harbingers of solution and progress.

Mr. President’s commitment to fighting corrupt practices no doubt is revamping our tainted image internationally, an image occasioned by the past democratic governments’ tolerance for grand corruption.”

He maintained the fact that the Buhari’s  “fight against corruption” should not be biased, it should be fair and sincere as not only perceived enemies of Nigeria should be probed.  

Uwabuofu therefore urged Buhari to call upon anti-corruption agencies to look within thoroughly for corrupt individuals who are hiding in APC in order to evade justice and probe such individuals.

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