children and safety

Children and Safety


Children are God’s gifts to us and their safety is very paramount. It’s the joy of every parent to see their children hearty, happy and cheerful. It’s therefore the responsibility of parents to provide for their children’s daily needs and make life comfortable for them.

Our children are our future, and the hope for a better tomorrow. Safety is important and it’s what every parent shouldn’t take with levity. For a child to be healthy, his safety is paramount.

Safety precautions help children from falling victims of accidents, kidnapping and other societal vices. These precautions are to be taken at home, schools, on the roads and wherever our children are found.

Teachers, parents, government and every member of the society must see to the safety of children around them. Here are safety tips to be considered thoroughly

Teachers should not leave kids in the classrooms. This could be dangerous as they might end up injuring one another. Children should be enlightened on how to avoid collecting items, gifts and food from strangers on the road and wherever they are. Also,they shouldn’t engage in discussions with people they don’t know.

Children should be careful when crossing roads most especially busy ones. Accidents happen when they talk,or eat and play while crossing.
Parents should avoid posting pictures of their wards while on school uniforms on social media.

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This could give easy access to kidnapping as names of their schools would be disclosed to unknown identities. Parents should keep their children with people they know and trust. Sometimes, some parents make the grave mistakes of keeping their children with people they barely know.

Law enforcement agencies or agents should help do proper checks on people in the society. Any case of kidnapping or rape should be thoroughly investigated and culprits should be brought to book.

When children are injured, proper treatments should be given to them so as to avoid complications. Children should be given safety education and be taught to avoid playing or fiddling with sharp and dangerous objects.

It’s our collective responsibility to see to the safety of children around us. Let’s all keep being at alert. Safety measures can be taken to avoid accidents and kidnapping in our everyday life. Life is worth living with our children!

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