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Seven Ways To Avoid Cheating In A Romantic Relationship


Some people believe there are no ways to avoid cheating in a relationship. Cheating in relationships has become the order of the day as some see it as a normal occurrence. It is assumed that most partners have the tendency to cheat at a particular point in a committed relationship. In most cases of divorce, cheating was seen as the major cause.

About 50% of married partners cheat on their spouse, and the percentage said to be higher in intimate relationships. The fact is that cheating occurs in both marriages and relationships. Why is cheating so rampant in the world today?

Well, the answer is that couples stop communicating and assume that the marital vow they took is enough to make them committed to each other. If you fail to take good care of your marriage, it is bound to fail. Intimacy is like a plant, when you water it, it flourishes but if you fail to, it dies.

Cheating does not only negatively affect adults in the relationship but also have a negative influence on young children who look up to us.

What are the Possible Causes of Cheating?

Lack of Communication

This is one of the possible causes of cheating in marriages. If you want a successful marriage, you need to communicate with your spouse often. Sharing your thoughts and letting out your feelings makes you understand your spouse better. The importance of a healthy conversation in a relationship/marriage can never be underestimated. Never withhold your feelings from your spouse if you want your marriage/relationship to thrive.

When you freely let out your feelings with the person you love, one way or the other you are creating a bond with your partner. Talking about anything and everything makes you get to know each other more and both of you can resolve issues when they arise. Dishonest communication about your desires and emotional needs can result to having an affair with someone else.

Emotional Disconnection

Intimacy is very vital in any relationship/marriage; in fact the reason why a marriage or an intimate relationship is different from any other kind of relationship is the emotional connection between the partners. Emotional disconnection can ruin a marriage. Just imagine a marriage where the couples are not intimate with each other, such a marriage is gradually hitting the rocks.

When you fail to spice up your intimate life and create time to be with each other, you are likely to cheat on your spouse. When couples are emotionally disconnected, they feel lonely and this can have a negative effect in their marriage. Neglecting your sex life and inattentiveness to your emotional needs can trigger cheating in your marriage.

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Ways to Avoid Cheating

Below are ways to prevent cheating in your relationship/marriage:

Set Boundaries

Always set up boundaries and make clear agreements in your relationship/marriage. Know what information is shared and how quick you are to talk about your romantic experiences. You should also have an agreement on what constitutes cheating.

For instance, what constitutes cheating to a partner is different from another, flirting with friends and having some innocent hugs and kisses on the dance floor might seem normal to you while your spouse sees it as a cheating behavior.

Water your Garden

Relationships/marriages are gardens that need to be watered to keep flourishing. Do things that will keep your relationship/marriage thriving, will help you have a successful marriage, and will make your intimate life interesting.

At one time or the other, we all experience change. We might feel there is nothing more to know about our partner or there’s no topic to discuss, but the truth is that we cannot know everything about our spouse; we keep knowing them more and more.

Know and Understand your Partner

How does it feel when you have a spouse that knows you and understand you like nobody ever does? Definitely, this feeling is good and special. To know and understand your partner involves full attention to his or her physical and emotional needs; this means you are curious about your partner. When your partner feels safe to tell you all kinds of secret feelings and thoughts, you make them feel secure in the relationship. Know things that are very special to them and what no one knows.

Go for Counseling

Going for relationship/marriage counseling doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship/marriage is hitting the rocks. It is good you seek the advice of a good and reliable therapist before you have issues, because this advice will help you solve issues when they arise. Counseling can help us solve our issues effectively; issues are bound to happen in relationships/marriages.

Have a Healthy Conversation

Talk about everything and anything; be open to your partner. Talk about your sex fantasies, little secrets, and desires. Do things together and challenge yourselves to grow together. Try to experience new things and exploring each other are ways to avoid cheating. Ask questions, talk about arising issues, and deal with them.

Build Intimacy

An intimate relationship is the best way to prevent cheating. When our physical and emotional needs are met, we tend not to have interest in someone else because we already have what we seek. Make sure you pay attention to each other’s needs and try your possible best to meet them. Always look attractive to your partner; this is a way you can build intimacy with them.

Be Appreciative

When our emotional needs are not met, we tend to look out for someone who can meet those needs. Appreciate each other and always compliment each other’s looks and personality. Tell your partner what you admire about him/her. Doing these things are ways to avoid cheating in your relationship.

Final Thoughts

The best ways to avoid cheating is making sure your relationship/marriage is too lovely to mess with. No matter how old your marriage is, make sure you keep the good old days alive. Spice up your love life everyday and build friendship with your spouse.

If you feel your partner is cheating, it is high time you stepped up your game. Try to do things that would woo him/her back to you rather than threatening to leave. Keep improving your relationship/marriage every day, because each day is a new day that gives you the opportunity to make things better.

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