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20 Interesting Topics to Discuss In A Romantic Relationship


In an intimate relationship, there are various interesting topics to discuss. Having a healthy conversation with your partner is very vital, as it helps you know your partner more. When good conversations exist in a relationship, each partner creates an intimacy which is very vital in a happy relationship.  

Sometimes, we run out of what to discuss because we tend to feel we have known all we need to know about our partner. There are so many topics that can be discussed in an intimate relationship.

In a new relationship, partners seem to have a good number of topics to discuss and so many questions to ask because you really want to know your partner. At times, we get scared of asking some very personal questions because we do not want to hurt our partners. Regardless of whatever reasons we might have, we have to learn how to have a healthy and interesting conversation with our partners.

 Here are some interesting topics you can discuss with your partner:

Daily Stress

Having a conversation about your daily stress is just so great. Questions like: “how did your day go?” “What are you worried about?” “How did you go about your task?” Asking these questions will make your partner know that you care about them. Even if they had gone through stress, they feel relieved when you ask them these questions.


This is a very interesting topic you can discuss with your partner. When it comes to movies, there are a whole lot of new things to discuss. Create a habit of watching movies with your partner so that both of you can discuss the movie together. Talk about the captivating things you’ve seen in the movie and have a conversation about each other’s favorite movies and TV shows.

Weekend Plans

You can have a lovely conversation with your partner concerning your plans for the weekend; this creates room for emotional connection. You tend to know each other’s plan for the weekend and this makes you anxious about the weekend because you know something great is coming up. Discuss what you have to do, where you would like to go, and what needs to be done in the house over the weekend.


This is one of the interesting topics to discuss with your partner. You tend to know more about your partner by getting to know his or her friends. Talking about your friends, what they do, and how you relate with them makes your partner know much about you. At least the type of friend you keep reveals who you are.

Likes and Dislikes

In an intimate relationship, partners should talk about each other’s likes and dislikes; this helps both of you understand and know each other. Ask questions about what your partner enjoys doing during their leisure time. Also find out your partner’s hobbies. Both of you might likely share the same likes and dislikes. With all these, you tend to do what your partner likes and avoid what he/she dislikes.


This is one of the interesting topics to discuss in your relationship.Create time to talk about your favorite food, favorite restaurants and places you would like to visit over the weekend. You can decide to have fun by going to the market together to get food stuffs and as well preparing the meal together.

Future Goals

Partners should talk about their future goals; tell your partner your future plans. For instance, you can let your partner know what you want to achieve in the next five years.


Sexual intimacy with your partner is a way of creating emotional attachment with your partner. Sexual intimacy is very vital in an intimate relationship. Most times, partners don’t really like talking about this aspect, but this is a very important topic you need to discuss with your partner. Discuss sexual fantasies, positions, sensitive spots and whatever turns you on beneath the sheets. This is a way you get to know your partner and at the same time build a secured relationship.

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Having a conversation about each other’s relatives can be fun and you both get to have lots of things to talk about. The more you talk about each other’s family, the more you get familiar with them. This is a good topic to discuss with your partner because you tend to know more about each other’s families.

Health Talk

It is very important that partners have a conversation about their physical well being. This is very interesting and as well helps you to keep your partner on the right track. During weekends, both of you can go to the gym. You can also read health topics together and discuss what you have learnt.


Compliments are lovely in relationships; it shows that you appreciate each other. Talk about what you admire or like about each other. When you appreciate your partner about what they did earlier or something, they tend to do more lovely things. Compliments make each party feel important and valued in the relationship.

Your Past

You might feel uncomfortable talking about your past relationships, but you can discuss this in a way you wouldn’t feel too uncomfortable. Don’t take it personal; just feel free to talk about it. You can also talk about your childhood, past experiences and achievements.

Bedroom Problems

Don’t keep mute about problems in the bedroom. It is very important that you discuss them as soon as possible; if you fail to attend to them, they will always haunt you later. If your sexual desires suddenly begins to drop, call your partner’s attention to it so that both of you can work together to overcome the problem.


This is a very sensitive topic in a relationship, if it is not properly dealt with, could lead to an unhealthy conversation. The fact that money is very vital in a relationship cannot be overlooked; in fact money can either make or mar a relationship. Do not fail to talk about your financial challenges with your partner. It is very important you let him or her know your financial status.

The Future

This poses a very sensitive question: ‘What do you want in life?’ ‘What do you want to become?’ With these questions, you can get to know what your partner really wants in life. Partners should always have a conversation about each other’s life goals, objectives, dreams and values. Knowing all these helps you support each other in achieving your goals.

Beautiful and Ugly Moments

We all have experienced both beautiful and ugly times in life, and these experiences made us who we are today. Life itself is not just a bed of roses, and this also applies to an intimate relationship. An intimate relationship is not all about celebrating the beautiful moments together but also going through life challenges with each other.  Talking about your beautiful and ugly moments together creates a bond in your relationship.


Going on a vacation with your partner is a way of having fun with each other as well as getting to know each other properly. You can plan your vacations with your partner and decide where you want it to be.

Shared Goals

Partners should always have a goal they want to accomplish together. Planning and accomplishing a goal with your partner, shows that both of you are good team mates. Your shared goal might be going for a business course together, attending seminars, painting a wall etc. it could be anything as long as it brings both of you together.

Personal Opinions

Try and share your opinion about a subject matter, never keep mute when you have something to say. If you truly love your partner, you share your opinion with them; this makes your partner feel good that there is someone always looking out for them.


When your partners seek advice, do well to give it to them. Having a conversation with your partner is not all about getting to know them but also offering advices and suggestions that will help them improve.

Final Thoughts

A healthy conversation exists in a happy relationship. It also makes partners emotionally connected to each other. Having a conversation with your partner makes you know much more about them than any other person does. We have talked about several interesting topics to discuss with your partner , you can spice up your relationship by discussing them.

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