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Reasons why having a Freelance career is more secure than having a full-time Job


It is no doubt that having a freelance career in various industries has been on the rise. Most especially, the creative industry has seen a large number of people show more interest in freelancing for various reasons. Nowadays, freelancing has become an affordable way of earning an income.

According to a recent finding, about 83% of self employed people say they decided to dump their full time jobs to work for themselves. In this way, they become their own boss. Also, 70% have better work life balance while being self employed.

Those who freelance believe that they have more income than they did in their old full time jobs. In a way, they feel more secure. People quit their full time jobs for different reasons. Sometimes when you quit your job, people in your circle might think you have made a very bad choice.

Freelance writing is on the increase yearly. Of course,you don’t just wake up one morning and decide to quit your pay job. You make your moves slowly; you may start freelancing during your full time job.

In that case, you start as a part time job. Freelance may start as your “side hustle”. It won’t be “long” before you replace your full time income with your freelance income as you master your craft.

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Here are reasons your freelance job is safer, better and more secure than your full time job. Your freelance career is not only satisfying or self paying job but it is also safer than your full time job. It doesn’t matter the industry you belong, you can always start your “empire”. When you have a full time job with just one employer,you may get laid off overnight!

As a freelancer, you can juggle multiple clients or companies at a time. For example, one can cut their budget overnight, it’s not the case that they will all fold up once. You can really manage your clients at different parameters.
Also,you can always make a move to get more clients if you want to. Through referrals, you can also get more clients. As long as you add inestimable values to your clients, you can get more recommendations.

Another important thing is that you can always learn skills. If you work entirely online, you can master a lot of internet based skills that you can apply to what you do. This way, your learning mode is activated! You can always maximize your time. Your freelance career is better than your full time job because it is more secure. You can control your income. You decide what you earn.

Freelancing could be a form of income booster. You can also earn more than you used to. Having a freelance career is safer than your regular job because you can have multiple clients and make more money.

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