Where did we go wrong?


It is no doubt a lot of menace has eaten deep into our society these days. Our lives are collectively filled with struggles, pain, emotional turbulence, and sometimes, depression. Is anyone left out of these ills confronting us as a nation? In our everyday lives,we are faced with daring situations.

News that are disheartening are being churned out every minute. The past years have proven to us that we have failed as a nation . Rape, religious bigotry, kidnapping, rituals, community clashes, suicide, corruption, killings, and poverty are the societal calamities befalling us. The social media is filled with these news everyday. Everybody has something to say;whether true or false.

I am concerned about our future. What tales await generations yet unborn? Haven’t we been sold? Where did we go wrong? Look at the streets. Look at our youths. Look at the children. Haven’t we failed? What hope is left? Are we not pained? Are there not many questions left unanswered? Is it not time to speak the truth and break the shackles of dogmas? Let us stand for the truth! But I dare to ask, who shall stand for the truth? What is the truth?Look at us!

Lips are now full of venom. Cracks are on the walls.Vices are everywhere. Our robes are stained. Yet we rejoice in our misery. Institutions have failed us. Look at me in the eyes,and tell me:Where did we go wrong?

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