the six Nigerian students

Six Nigerian students have announced their withdrawal from the robotics competition in South Africa


Due to the recent xenophobic attack in South Africa, six Nigerian students have withdrawn from the Africa Robotics Challenge scheduled to hold in South Africa. These students claimed that their safety is not assured and they wouldn’t risk their lives.

These students made their withdrawal known today Monday, September 23rd at the news conference in Lagos State. Mrs. Remi Willoughby, the National Coordinator of the competition confirmed that the organizers had made it known that the security and safety of the students cannot be guaranteed.

Willoughby said “This competition we are supposed to go for is Africa Robotics Challenge, it is a product of the first Robotics Challenge which we have been going for in the last few years. We planned to go to South Africa for this robotics competition which is basically supposed to be for few African countries and would have held on Sept. 28. However, we will not be attending because of the situation in South Africa currently.”

According to Willloughby, the host country had revealed that if Nigerian students are to partake in the competition, their presence would not be announced and they cannot reveal who they are.

Willoughby said “And the fact that I cannot personally guarantee the safety of the students while there, and with our host telling us that even if we come, it will not be announced. That we have to come quietly and we will not wear our Nigeria T-shirts and that the bus that will convey us will not display our logo of Green, White, Green, so how can we proudly showcase our country? So, we decided it was not the best thing to risk the lives of the students at this time in the name of competition.”

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