Busola Dakolo claims she was raped by COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

Busola Dakolo still being haunted by the injuries and damages caused by Pastor BIODUN Fatoyinbo


Busola Dakolo, wife of the popular musician Timi Dakolo, claimed that she is still suffering from the damage and injuries caused by Biodun Fatoyinbo (the COZA pastor), who raped her when she was younger.

Busola made this statement before the Federal Capital Territory’s High Court in Abuja where an application was filed to dismiss the preliminary rape case which was filed against Pastor Fatoyinbo in June.

Busola dakolo still haunted because she was raped

On September 20th, Fatoyinbo asked the court to cancel the rape case Busola filed against him with the opinion that the allegation was “incompetent and frivolous.” According to Fatoyinbo, since he was not accused of such within three years the incidence occurred, such allegations should be dismissed because it was “Statute barred,” Statute barred is a legal case that should not brought to court due to the fact that it has passed its time limit.

In Busola’s response to the application filed by the alleged pastor, Busola told the court that she is still being haunted by the injuries and damages done to her by Fatoyinbo and these things cause her emotional injury.

Busola Dakolo responded to the alleged pastor’s claim that she made the allegation against him public, saying that she never wanted the press to know about it and the suit was never released to the press by her or anyone acting on her behalf.

COZA pastor accused of rape by Busola Dakolo

According to the supporting affidavit that was read in part “That she or anyone acting on her behalf did not give the origination processes of this suit to the press or anybody whatsoever for publication. That she was embarrassed by the several media publications of Monday, September 9, 2019, as relating to the suit as she never wanted any media coverage for the matter and was unpleasantly surprised that same was leaked to the press.”

In June 2019, Busola granted an interview where a Fatoyinbo was accused of raping her. According to Busola, Pastor Fatoyinbo was to write a letter of apology that shows a honest remorse for his unlawful action. Busola Dakolo also asked Fatoyinbo to pay her 10 million as the cost of carrying out the prosecution of the case.

Since then, the alleged pastor has denied the allegation. He also accused Busola of looking for ways to forcefully get money from him.

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