Opera Mini has just become the first browser to introduce offline sharing of file


If you are worried about sending and receiving of files without any mobile data, then Opera Mini has just solved your issue.

Opera Mini has just become the first browser to offer offline file sharing. A large number of Opera mini users can now share videos, images and audio files with nearby devices at very fast speeds without any mobile data.

This new offline file sharing feature offered by Opera Mini is very fast, secure and reliable. With this feature, you do not need to download a file sharing app. This new feature offered by Opera Mini can share files at WI-FI speed which is about 200 times quicker than Bluetooth.

According to the head of browsers at Opera, Krystian Kolondra, “Opera Mini is the mobile browser of choice for more than a hundred million people. With the new offline file sharing feature, Opera Mini users can now choose to share files at high speeds with people in their proximity, without worrying about low speeds or expensive mobile data.”

How to share files offline in Opera Mini

Offline sharing is made possible via a direct WI-FI connection established by Opera Mini with other nearby devices. To share files in Opera Mini, go to menu and click on file sharing, and then choose Receive or Send. After this, a QR code will be displayed for the nearby devices to scan and then connect the devices.

Immediately the file transfer has been successfully done, the sender will get a notification and the receiver will have access to the file in the Received tab in Opera Mini.

Opera keeps getting better

This new feature in Opera Mini is really a great complement which makes it a better choice for people. This file sharing feature is not only secure and fast, but also helps to save cost, people can now share files without considering the cost of getting mobile data. Opera Mini has continued to improve existing features and as well add more advance features to its browser.

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