7 dangers of procrastination


At one point or the other, we have all procrastinated. Procrastination is a killer of time; when you procrastinate, you find out that your planned goals have not been achieved.

Some people get to realize this behavior on time, while some do not until time has been far spent and nothing has been accomplished. Procrastination is a time and dream killer and as such can destroy lives. There are different reasons why people procrastinate; sometimes it could be fear, lack of motivation, etc.

You need to know the reasons why procrastination can kill your dream and also destroy your live. Below are some reasons why you should not procrastinate.

You will miss opportunities

Opportunities come and go; they do not always stay forever. Procrastination makes you miss opportunities and you waste opportunities as well. This is not good at all because some opportunities go forever. The best way to grab opportunities and make do with them is to stop procrastinating.

It leaves goals unaccomplished

As it was earlier mentioned, procrastination kills your dreams, goals etc. if you procrastinate, you will never be able to achieve a set down objective. For instance, your goal is to stay at the top of your career, to achieve this you have to read some books, go for some seminars and the likes. You will never be able to achieve this if you procrastinate.

Procrastination kills time

When we say something is a time killer, then it is procrastination. Our lives are like clocks that tick, a time wasted can never be recovered. Procrastination makes you lose irrecoverable time. Sometimes you wish you could turn back the hands of time, but this is not possible due to the fact that you can never recover the time you have spent. Time is very precious; therefore stop that habit of procrastinating.

It could destroy your career

Procrastination could ruin your career; it prevents you from achieving your set down goals.  Your career is very important to you, so do not allow procrastination destroy it. It can prevent you from performing better in your field, and you might lose your job as a result.

You will be unhappy

This is what procrastination does, it leaves you unhappy. Our performances in life have a direct effect on our happiness, when you perform better and keep achieving your goals, you are happy with yourself. When you find out you aren’t doing well, you see yourself as a failure and this might lower your self esteem.

It puts your integrity at stake

Procrastination can put your integrity at stake. When you promised to do something and you ended up not doing it, you are termed a liar. Nobody loves unfulfilled promises, your integrity is very valuable, it gives you self-confidence and self-respect and as such should not be at stake.

It puts your health at risk

Procrastination prevents you from meeting up with deadlines, and as a result of this you become worried and anxious. Anxiety could lead to mental stress, sleep deprivation, depression and physical exhaustion. If you do not want to put your health at risk, you need to stop procrastinating.

Final Thought

Procrastination is just like a habit that needs to be curbed. We are all guilty of this habit, but it is very important to curb such as it has negative effects in our lives and careers.

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