Rice price now expensive in Nigeria

Rice now 1000 Naira per Congo? Where are we heading to?


I went to the market two days ago to get some foodstuff, and I was taken aback when I heard that just one congo of rice has suddenly become N1000 ($2.75). Although there’s a cheaper alternative, the quality is nothing to write home about, at least from my perspective.

I think this border closure has affected many things. Though this could yield benefits in the long run, at least for now, we’ve seen some negative results.

The first problem here is that the price of almost everything in the market has appreciated, and market sellers seem to immediately attribute the blame to the border closure. Even the price of Turkey has increased; now tell me, do we import frozen foods too?

Most times, we tend to blame the government when we are our own problems. Fine, the government has failed to meet our expectations in some areas but why are we exploiting ourselves? I wonder how the poor will feed during this hard time, especially families of 4 and above who on a normal day find it very difficult to make ends meet.  This is unacceptable because according to recent statistics, about 50% of the Nigerian population live in extreme poverty. Now how do you think this category of people will cope with these increases in prices?

I was speaking with a woman I met at the market; she also came to buy rice and she lamented the quality of the rice in circulation which is produced in the country. According to her, she had to force her kids to eat up the rice she prepared, because she disliked the taste and didn’t want it to waste. Are our leaders eating our own produced rice? If yes, then it’s high time the quality is improved to match those imported from other countries. If the answer is No, then this is so unfair because what is marked good for the goose is also good for the gander.

Of recent, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) imposed an additional charge of N50 on transactions made through PoS (Point of Sales) terminals. As leaders, whatever decision we take, the masses must be considered because they constitute a larger fraction of the country’s population.

It’s high time families reduced the number of kids they have. It’s clear why some of our youths are traveling abroad in search of greener pastures. With the high rate of poverty, insecurity, and unemployment in the country, there’s a need for some deep sober reflections. Anyway, all hope is not lost, but where are we heading to?

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Photo credit: Matthew Lakeland

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