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25 Types of Women You could ever meet


As a man, you must have met different types of women with most of them having different characteristics and behavior. Now when I mean women, I’m referring to the females in general. You may be wondering why this is the case. Just the same way we meet different men with different characteristics, the women are diverse, and they appear different. Here, I’ll be revealing to you the 25 types of women you could ever meet.

Types of Women

Miss Snoop

Miss Snoops are women having trust issues. This could be because she cheated in her past relationships on several occasions or have experienced other men cheating on their wives or guys on their girlfriends. She’s always checking through your phone and makes sure she smells your clothing before she starts washing them. She’s very jealous and snoops around. The funny thing is that she can even make friends with your close friends and colleagues in a bid to know your movements. I once dated someone like this, and lo, it was something else. You can try this one out guys. Lol!

The Nag

The nags only do what they know how to do best – Nag! She’s never satisfied and she’s always complaining about one thing or the other. She’s a fault-finder who will feel great seeing you spill out in annoyance after being pushed to the wall by her nagging.

Miss Frugal

This category of women prefers eating life with a normal spoon rather than use a big spoon. She is ready to deny herself of any luxury of life, no matter how little, and will love to save everything possible for use in the future. These are the babes and women you see going for second-hand wears simply because they are less expensive. To her, manicures and pedicures are a total waste of money.

She could even rent a shanty room despite her ability to rent a place in a more serene environment. You can only see her buying milk and meat when she craves it. Pizza, Shawarma, KFC? Forget it! If you are a man that cannot control your spending (Just a little income and here you are wasting it in bars and on women without saving a penny), then I think this type of woman will be of help. That’s if you’re ready to listen to her (we already know that men always want to be in charge; I mean the real men!)

Motherly mama

Some women are simply motherly in nature
Photo Credit: Sharon McCutcheon @sharonmccutcheon

The motherly mamas are very sweet. I know most men will want this type of woman especially those searching for a full housewife, because she’s so kind and selfless, and all she wants is to take good care of you. She definitely wants to be a housewife and wants to be actively involved in different stages of her child’s development. She wants at least four kids because she has enough time to cater for them. Men if you’re searching for a full-time motherly mama, then you might have to wait patiently, and if you’re not lucky you may grow old without getting one because most women are not ready to sit at home being a full housewife doing nothing; they also love to go out there and work with their hands.

Miss Boss

This category of women always wants to take charge of everything. She dictates almost everything in the relationship. As far as she’s concerned, everything must be done her own way and isn’t ready to listen to your views so far it doesn’t relate to hers. Common statements they make is “You either do this, or it’s over between us.” Guys, if you’re dating someone like this, you must be on your toes while handling her.

The Promiscuous

Promiscuous women - types of women
Photo Credit: Amber Kipp@sadmax

These women can date many men at the same time. She gets different benefits from each of these men and already knows who to run to whenever she needs something. They are deceivers and are highly very secretive. They are ready to bed as many men as possible to get the latest iPhones.

For me, this is a capital “NO”, and if you desire this type of woman, then it’s a sorry case. For guys already having girlfriends that fall in this category and are well aware of it, then all your reasons are nothing but wrong; It’s either you are hoping for a change which may not benefit you in the long-run, or you’re not a real man to attract a better woman.

If you’re there for the fun of it (just for sexual pleasure), then you have to find somewhere else for your cock, not in this period where you can easily contact STDs especially if condom use isn’t compulsory for you. Men/Guys staying with these women/girls just for financial benefits only tells us how jobless you are. You’re not a man, talk more of a real man. Wake up! If you don’t dump her, she’ll dump you, because you have nothing to offer. Go hustle like other men and get a life.

The Tomboys

Getting along with this type of woman is very easy. She demands less and she’s naturally simple. Hand a baseball hat over to her and she’s ready to go as it is a total waste of time making her hair in the salon. She can sit with you and your male kids (if you’re married to her) watching sports all through the day without bothering you.

The problem you may face dating a woman/lady of this type is that growing beards becomes easy than expect to eat her cooked food. Your relationship with her may be great, but later, she may look like one of your male sons. I hope this nature of hers is not reflected in her wedding attire!

Judgmental Judy

She judges virtually everything. Nothing seems good enough for her. She feels she’s the best and she judges other women/girls unfairly. She’s always criticizing and making jest of other women. Her method of doing things is right and every other person is wrong. The truth is that they are very insecure.

The Crier

the crier - types of women
Photo Credit: Thought Catalog @thoughtcatalog

These women/girls were born to cry. She is emotional and has a soft heart and cries at any little thing. Stay out ten minutes late and you’ll probably meet her crying as she doesn’t know where you’ve gone to. Marrying this type of woman means you have one additional child. If you need to buy her a gift, handkerchiefs and tissues will be just fine lol!

Career woman

Career woman - different types of women
Photo Credit: Tim Gouw @punttim

These women are married to their work. All she desires is getting to the top of the social ladder not considering who she hurts to achieve this. Her relationship hardly works out because she won’t be able to focus as there are more important things to deal with. Women like this are okay with one child; as far as she’s concerned, maternity leave is a total waste of time.

The wannabe

This type of woman copies virtually everything. She wants to get involved in the current trends and must not be left out. She wants to have everything her friend has, even if it’s is too costly for her to buy. She can do anything to get whatever she desires.

The Playettes

The personal life of playettes are usually secretive and are always cautious while expressing her emotions. She dresses simply and observes well. They are very serious in getting a perfect relation and desires men that can seduce her, tame her, and fight for her. She tries as much as possible to get what she wants using different means. To prevent men from toying with and breaking her heart, she has different tests and trials in place.  

Miss Goodie-two-shoes

This type of lady could still be a virgin and maybe doesn’t miss church programs and services. She doesn’t take alcohol and probably she never touched it. She’s just focused on doing good and seems to have drawn a life cycle and pattern for her life. Probably, she wants to get married at 25 years and have two kids (one male and one female) by age 28.

Miss Independent

She wants to be her own boss and doesn’t wish to answer anyone. She can take proper care of herself. She can pay her rent and buy an expensive car. One benefit of dating this category of women is you won’t have to buy her things constantly, as she enough money already and works diligently to earn it. One disadvantage of this is your relationship will be marked with territories, with statements like “this is mine and that is yours” being uttered by her. Also, your future with her will surely be in doubt because she can wake up one day and call it quits as she doesn’t need you to fend for her. They are not ready to be submissive to any man, only a very few of them will.

Party Freak

Party freak - types of women
Photo Credit: KAL VISUALS @kalvisuals

The party freaks just always want to party. Whether broke or not, all she wants is being all over the place. Her middle name can be changed to “party”. Check the clubs during weekends, you will probably see her there. At the mention of the word “Party”, her mood will immediately be livened.

The Seductress

These women seduce
Photo Credit: Taylor Harding @taylorjamesphotos

This type of woman loves seducing men. Most times, she wants to have sex. She’s independent and confident and has what it takes to intimidate most men. At some time in the future, she may desire to have a family, but in most cases, all she wants is sex and have simple conversations.

The Gold diggers

If you don’t have much money as a man/guy, then you should flee when you come in contact with the gold diggers.  She looks nice at all times and follows the recent fashion. She shops at expensive stores, even her hair is worth lots of cash. Her manicure is one of a kind; this is just to scare away broke guys as she doesn’t have dealings with them. She’s ready to make you spend a lot on a normal date. So guys, load your wallets so you don’t end up being disgraced.

The boyfriend girl

This type of woman can never survive without a man in her life. There must be a boyfriend her for. She never sits to have some deep sober reflections about her life. Being single means a meaningless life, therefore, she’s ready to say yes to any guy who asks her out. They see no need in getting to know the guy before dating him, and this is why her relationships are always failing and the men treat and maltreat her.

The Hopeful Romantic

the hopeful romantic - different types of women
Photo Credit: Christopher Campbell @chrisjoelcampbell

This seems old-fashioned to me, but some women still behave this way. They are just like women that dream of meeting their knight come to them in shining armor. They just want a lasting relationship; this is why she’s always sincere. She just desires a man that is sweet, patient, and romantic. They want emotional and sexual fulfillment from one man. From her domestic nature, it seems she’s going to be the perfect wife that will never cheat on you unless some strange circumstances surface.

The Cinderella

Cinderella - types of women
Photo Credit: ActionVance @actionvance

From the name, you can guess what this type of woman is like. They are usually very sexy, beautiful, mature, and stylish. She desires the bright man at her side. Because she’s very passionate, she finds herself in the wrong relationships which in the long run will leave her disappointed and heart broken.

They search for men having both strength and sensitivity. She desires complex men that are string in virtually all areas. She wants to have sex, but she’s all about relationships and feelings.

The strategy used by her in finding the right man solely depends on her mood. However, you shouldn’t be surprised that her dating perspective could be old-fashioned – she expects the man to pay while having a meal with him at an eatery and should drive her home in his car, etc.

The Go-getter

This category of women are the go-getters, and this could be in a bad way. She identifies the man she desires and then makes the moves. She insists on doing everything: draws his plans and handles his calendar. She takes charge of arranging the dates and paying the bills. In the end, the woman/lady treats the man like a girl.

Ghetto girl

The ghetto girls fight for everything. She’s always ready to be violent. As far as she’s concerned, only one language is understood: fist to the face. It seems her past life has been a very hard one where she struggled and fought for virtually everything.

The Private Dancer

This category of women are realists, deniers, testers, and givers. They want to share everything they have with the man in their lives. Naturally, they help and contribute. She loves sex and get horny easily but won’t reveal this initially. She could be career-oriented as well.

Miss Groupie

These women are found in the happening spots and events to search for rich and famous men. They don’t care if the man has a wife or not. As soon as she discovers you’re famous, she’ll do everything to get very close to you.

Holy Jane

Holy women
Photo Credit: BBH Singapore @bbh_singapore

This type of women depends solely on the church. All her moves are made after consulting the church, which includes the right man to date or marry. She has never worn trousers as she’s scared they’re not meant for women; this is why her wardrobe is usually simple and hardly changes. Long skirts are her thing. Generally, she’s a nice woman/lady and deserves meeting her right partner – Holy Joe.

Thanks for reading this post. What type of woman are you or are you dating or married to? Please feel free to drop your comments. Also, don’t forget to like and share the post.

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