important dating tips for men

21 Important Dating Tips for Men


The outs and ins of dating could be confusing for men these days. However, there hasn’t been a change in majority of the true and tried dating tips. So to help our men out there, here are 21 important dating tips for men

Know her personally

When asking a lady out for the first time, don’t text or send an email to her. Generally, dating has to do with getting to know the person personally. Doing this will set a poor tone for the communication dynamics of the relationship.

Take your time

For most women, online dating deals with some risk and anxiety, therefore it is advisable you spend some time knowing her online. You can also get to know her better through phone chats and video calls before you suggest meeting her in person; this is to ensure that she feels comfortable.

Take initiative

When texting or talking while planning your date, ensure you have a place and time in mind. Be confident and try to make a recommendation.

Fix this meeting in public

important dating tips - fix the meeting in public

Make sure that your initial dates are held in public places and drive separately. This will make her know that her safety is very important to you.

Choose somewhere you’re very comfortable with

You may feel you’re a gentleman by allowing your woman to decide the venue for the date. However, women want their men to take control. Arrange the meeting in a familiar territory that will make you more comfortable.

Give her a call to confirm

Dentists and doctors do this, so you should. Since men rarely pick up women for a date, giving her a call to confirm the date is very easy and will ease her mind.

Look nice and dress well

So many guys don’t consider their looks before going out on a date, even though ladies pay a lot of attention to details linked to their appearance. Ensure that you’re properly groomed (have a shower, apply deodorant, and check if your fingernails are dirty). Have some dress sense (your clothes must match), be sure they look cool on you and aren’t wrinkled.

Be confident

dating tips - be confident

The way you share a glance or enter a room indicates if your confidence is working against you or for you. When you have an awkward or odd feeling, people can notice this uneasiness, which will determine if you’re attractive or not. Showing your confidence is a very perfect way of giving a good first impression. 

Don’t forget your manners

Women really appreciate good manners. She’ll also see that you appreciate her for choosing to spend her time to know you more.

Your phone must be turned off

It could be very annoying when your phone rings while spending some quality time with your woman. Your phone must be turned off completely. She’ll really appreciate that you switched off to focus all your attention on the date and that you want to have full engagement with her.

Ensure the conversation is all fun

Since men seem to be very analytical in nature, it becomes very easy to turn a conversation into a session for fact sharing. Women see this conversation as boring. Sharing facts is great, but try to add some intrigue, flirtatious overtones, and humor. With this, she will hang excitedly on every word you speak.

Avoid talking about your ex

She may not be interested in the topic and things could get awkward. If she brings up the subject, keep the answer short. Let her know that your past is gone, and you’ll rather prefer spending your time knowing her.

Have more than just drinks and dinner

Most ladies don’t like the idea of sitting down for about two hours sharing a meal with someone they know little or nothing about. Plan something more adventurous and fun like kayaking, hiking, and bowling. Ensure you make a good first impression, as they really matter.

Compliment her

She will definitely spend a lot of time getting prepared for the date; so, make sure you compliment and appreciate her and really mean it. By bringing out the best in others, it will also bring out your best.

Your conversation should be light-hearted.

dating tips - conversation should be light-hearted

This is one of the important dating tips. It won’t make any sense having an in-depth conversation on your 1st date with her. Don’t talk about controversial news, politics, or religion. Women want to be with a guy that can crack jokes with them and make them laugh. Yes, at times, you need to be serious but have some fun at the start of the relationship.

Stay in that moment

Most times, this is done because you lack confidence hoping the girl will see you later on. Women will always have this need. Try to enjoy your date with her and if things turn out positive, discuss your future plans together when next you talk on the phone.

Leave a mystery, no matter how little

When knowing someone, you won’t want to tell your whole story. This sense of mystery will make them come back for more, as well as create a chemistry that’ll make you unique. This is one of the very important dating tips.

Make sure she reaches her destination

Be sure that she gets into her cab, car, etc. safely. The safety of a woman is very important and showing her that you truly care about her is a great sign to her that you’re caring and a gentleman.

Allow her to make the first move towards intimacy

With this, she’ll know that you truly care about her and you’re not just after her body. You’ll also make her feel safe and convince her that she controls the pace at which you move without pressure.

Be honest

If you reject a woman, she can handle it. More people voice their discontent concerning the ghosting and the flakiness. If you don’t like her, don’t deceive or lead her on; be honest. How sure are you the next woman you date will not know her from somewhere?

Don’t be a game player

Sure, you don’t want to look desperate, clingy, needy, or overzealous. However, if you’ll love to see her another time, let her know. You could just include it in the conversation during the first date.

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