Kissing Tips – The Major Do’s and Don’ts


Kissing is one of the greatest pleasures of life that two people can share. However, not everyone is a great kissing match, and sure, not all kissers were created the same way. Wouldn’t it be lovely if every high school offered a class for mandatory kissing politeness? In this class, students will learn that kissing has nothing to do with face-chewing. The act of licking the lips too suggestively before the actual kiss looks really gross and scary. And the most important of all is that kissing is something that you do with someone else, not at or to another person.

What happens when we kiss? When we kiss, the hormone responsible for good mood is stimulated: oxytocin. This oxytocin releases the love feeling and then ensures that a stronger bond is formed between the kissing partners; endorphins are hormones that bring out the happy feeling in us, while dopamine stimulates the brain’s pleasure center.

kissing tips

It could take long before the kissing etiquette becomes a necessary requirement for graduating into the real world. You wish to learn how to kiss someone, but before this, there are some things you need to keep in mind that will ensure that both you and the person you kissed stay happy. You had your first kiss and it was an awful experience? Below are some kissing tips for you:

Kissing Tips

  • Keep your teeth brushed and beautiful, have fresh breath, and ensure your lips are moisturized. This will make you delightful to kiss.
  • It’s great pulling away and taking a break while kissing without uttering a word. It’s also okay to stop the process completely without offering any explanation. You can then discuss it later.
  • Don’t expect to get a kiss in return for presenting her with something. Kisses are not currency, but gifts.
  • Cradling the face or head of your partner is great. So far you’re not adding to claustrophobia or preventing escape.
  • Kissing is not the starter gun or checkered flag to make your date sexual. That your lip touches hers doesn’t mean you should start grabbing her ass or unhooking her bra. It’s best to take your time.
  • A kiss doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with you, no matter the type of kiss
  • Don’t respond to a kiss, extending your tongue or opening your mouth.
  • Your mouth shouldn’t be opened wider than her lips when kissing
  • Don’t poke with your tongue; this could be annoying.
  • Not everyone is cool with those things you love, and this is okay. It may be that you love your sensitive ears being breathed on and licked, but she may not like it. Be open to all styles of kissing.
  • Anytime you doubt the right time to kiss your partner, or if it’s the appropriate time to kiss, try to ask. She’ll be very happy that you asked.

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How to Kiss Someone: Love Bites and Hickeys

Love bites or hickeys are the marks left on the skin while kissing. These marks are seen when the skin is bruised by the teeth or when a rash-like discoloration is left on the skin as a result of suction. As your mouth creates this suction, it draws blood to the skin’s surface, breaking little capillaries, and could break even more if your teeth is scraped over the skin, leading to blood bruises that can be pink or purple in color.

Generally, this is not good for your skin, as well as the nerve endings. Some people even said that it could cause damage to the nerves. However, for those that love the marks, as well as the way it feels getting one, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Most times, these marks are made unintentionally due to passion. People having sensitive skin or those that bruise easily will experience hickeys frequently.

Not all ladies will want a mark from kissing. There could be many reasons for this, which includes not looking properly at work – customers, office mates, and even bosses may see these hickeys as unprofessional and offensive.

If she tells you to avoid forming visible marks on her neck, please don’t get angry over it or try to guess what her reasons could be. It may compromise his professional reputation and work environment seriously, or she simply doesn’t want any marks on her neck for everyone to see.

Normally, family members show their displeasure for hickeys, same as officials, so be very careful, if she’s going to see new or valuable clients, appear in court, visit relatives, or work in sales. In general, leaving marks in obvious areas in the body of a lady is totally unacceptable, but pardoned in hidden spots. Make sure you ask her how she feels about hickeys before you kiss your way to her body. By doing this and using other kissing tips, she’ll be assured that she’s doing it with a considerate kisser.

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