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10 Ways to have her Pine for you


In this article, we’ll be revealing to you ten ways to have your woman pine for you. For all women, there are different actions and sequence of events that will make her hopelessly, utterly, completely infatuated with you. Most times, these events aren’t too obvious. However, we are going to show you how to crack the code. Below are ten ways to make her know that she wants you.

What happens when your woman pines for you? When your woman pines for you, it means she really longs for you and desires you deeply. She becomes completely infatuated with you and most to spend all her time with you if possible. Also, she’s always desperate to see you or be with you.

So what are the ways to have her pine for you? Lets quickly take a look at them

Ways to have her pine for you

Fuel the fire

To have her pine for you, you have to fuel the fire. This is where it begins, and if this part is skipped, you’ll definitely miss out on the possible chemistry that’ll make all other things easier while going down the line. Consider this: sometimes, attraction requires a jump-start which is only possible when you make her ask herself one question: “Does my man like me?” This, no matter where it goes, it all begins with her being curious and inquisitive about you.

Therefore, the first thing to remember is to plant seeds that can lead to intrigue. How can this be achieved? Soon, we’ll show you some ways to help you achieve this.

You don’t need to be worried that she suspects you like her due to something you do. You may like her, or you may not. Whatever way, now you’ve got the right point to begin.

Give her looks that show you want her

Give her looks that show you want her to have her pine for you

To have her pine for you, give her lovely looks. One truth is that she really feels how much your attraction is to them via just eye contact, and the best thing to do is not to hide it.

When you look at her in a manner that shows you are much attracted to her, she’ll notice this and it’ll melt her heart. However, the trick is, the attraction has to be genuine and must be based on just eye contact. There’s no reason for you to do anything that reduces the strength of your eye contact at that instant.

Girls want the attraction of guys. They sure do. They want you to know about their likeness for you before committing to anything. The only thing they dislike is guys coming on to them too strong.

So when you let your looks speak for you, you’re aligning yourself with virtually everything the girl wants, and because you don’t give her too much, you’re making her want you to give her more.

Avoid putting a label on it

When there are labels, there are rules, and when rules come in, things become more formal and less fun.

Have some fun with your woman to make her pine for you

Now, we are not saying that being involved in an official relationship would not be fun, but there are reasons why couples tend to remember their early days. The secrecy, the late nights, the spontaneity and unpredictability, and all the elements creating unrelenting attraction and excitement which a lady can feel for you when your worlds collide.

So, what ways can the good times be kept? Keep it on a lowkey. Don’t let friends know about it, sneak your kisses while in public, rendezvous in secret.

By doing these things, we can guarantee that you’ll create and build a strong bond together, which will help in forging long-lasting, intense feelings of attraction between you both and surely make her pine for you.

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Plan a Car theft together

Now, wait. Before committing a crime, we are not asking you to actually steal a car. What we are saying is that, whenever you’re with her and you do nothing exciting, there’ll be no excitement in her to ever hang out with you some other time.

So, instead of Chill and Netflix, you can engage in something that’s a bit dangerous such as going to an amusement park, go-karting, or zip-lining. Whatever you’re doing, just ensure her blood is kept pumping, if you really want her to desire to have you.

According to science, anytime human beings are scared or excited, they tend to find the opposite sex very attractive. So be wild with her. With this, she’ll be excited, and this feeling will be attributed to you and this can make her pine for you whenever you are not with her. Aside from this, Chill and Netflix will always come in.

Ensure you know where your woman is coming from

We all know that the development of girls seems faster than that of boys and it is not different even in the dating world. Girls don’t just have more dates, but they usually tend to have more bad dates. When we say bad dates, we talk of having a date with guys that aren’t up to the task.

The first time you hang out with her, she’ll be a bit weary of you. So, what are the steps to take? Show her that you’re okay by letting her take the driver’s seat. However, this is where things become complicated. Most guys try as much as possible not to look weird. Everyone has got a way of defining “weird”. What one lady sees as weird, may just be your Tuesday night. This is not the only thing. Majority of guys overcorrect to look less creepy and, in the process, they end up looking weirder.

So, what do we mean by this? Don’t have too many thoughts about this. Don’t be overbearing and make her safe with you. Let her know that you are in control, but don’t act controlling. When you do this, the more comfortable you’ll make her be and when you are away, she’ll pine for you.

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Vocal Charisma

The truth of the matter is that it is impossible to get a girl to pine for you, and you alone, without you offering something rare.

Generally, this is the way it works: A girl that sees you as attractive thinks you are more attractive compared to everyone else. If she finds you hilarious, she believes she won’t find any other funny person.

Whatever she sees in a guy, as far as she’s concerned, it’s rare. One rare quality out of them all is charisma. This is really hard to see in any man.

Just like confidence, it takes time for charisma to be mastered. However, there’s one thing to be done to achieve this, which has been mostly overlooked in exuding natural charisma: avoid talking in a monotone. 

When you adjust your timing, as well as vary the intensity and pace of the way you speak, your charisma levels will be doubled immediately and a varied sound created, which tends to command some attention and cannot be resisted by girls.


If she already wants you in her life, she will give you all the signs. After this happens, do what two people that like each other do anytime they wish to have some fun… it’s “dancing

make her pine for you

This shouldn’t be brought up suddenly; however, if your conversation with her heads towards that direction, ask her discreetly what dance style or move she loves most, and the craziest place she’s ever had a dance.

If she really likes to dance, having a discussion about it will make her consider it. In the end, this may get her in the dancing mood and definitely, she’ll need a partner.


Generally, girls want you to hear and remember them. She’s used to her friends forgetting what she tells them, and it could be a surprising, refreshing experience for you when you remember her name, talk more of statements she made. When she tells you something weeks ago, like a birthday party or a job interview, and you tend to remember it, then she will always remember you and pine for you.

Your phone isn’t your friend

These days, we can reach out to anyone within a few seconds. Not taking advantage of that will make you a fool, right?

Not that fast. Just remember, we are trying to have her pine for you, which is something very different. And using your phone almost all the time may hurt that. Some guys will find this very tough, while some others will see it as impossible to avoid.

So, what we are saying is that your allure can be potentially killed by your phone if care is not taken. Don’t get it wrong; we are not saying that this will happen, but this can expose you to overcommunication and oversharing.

Be a man with great ideas

Every size of mind has ideas that go with it, and whatever this is about, you mustn’t be scared of sharing it. Truly, this is the last stage in learning ways of making her want you and pine for you. This has to do with being relatable.

If all you discuss is just a set of ideas, you either not worth it or you become inaccessible. Also, if you can easily talk to people about anything, then you have one of the most desired personality traits. Avoid holding back. You mustn’t dismiss a conversation with anyone; then just sit back and watch as ladies and everyone else wishes to get your attention.

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