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How to Read Her Body Language


Have you met the woman of your dreams and you want to know her thoughts of you? Interpreting female body language is very easy; all you need is to pay attention anytime you are spending some time with her.

Once you start the discussion, there are signs and body language that shows she’s flirting and wishes to know you better. You should also note that, there are negative female body languages that show she’s not interested; immediately you notice any of these, just walk away.

Body Language Clues that say She’s Interested

positive female body language.

Below are some female body language signs of attraction:

Check to see if her eyes dart around the room.

Or a few seconds, she may look around the room. Then, look at you quickly, at times, from the side. These glances mean that she has noticed you at least. Some of them won’t want you to catch them looking at you, while some others will make it intentional for a few seconds. But if she keeps looking your way frequently, then there’s a high chance that she’s already interested in you.

Look closely to notice if she holds your gaze for a short while (maybe a few seconds)

If this woman has been glancing at you then for a few seconds, she catches your eyes, then it means her interest in you is stronger. When you notice her looking to your direction, smile to let her know you are interested too.

Watch for a hair toss or head flip

If a woman is interested in you, she may tilt her head back a bit, and push her face up. This is one very clear body language women make. You may even catch her while doing this. Also, she could flip or toss her hair back with one hand. Another great sign is if you see her playing with her hair. Also, if she adjusts her outfit i.e. her skirt, it could mean she wants to have this talk with you.

Check if she exposes her neck

Another very clear body language is, she may tilt her head to one side, exposing her neck in the process. She’s simply telling you that she’s vulnerable and is eager to know more about you. She may do this while having a discussion with you or while walking across the room. If she does this while having a conversation with her, this could mean that she’s listening and wants to hear you better.

Search for a coy smile

If she’s seen you and looked to your direction a few times, then keep glancing at her direction. If she gives you a smile, then it most likely means she wants you to come and have a talk with her. At times, she may even give a half-smile, without revealing her teeth. She could be inviting you to get closer to her and know more about her or she may just be placating you. This is a positive female body language.

As you walk up to her, watch for any positive body language

As you walk up to her, watch her response. If she smiles turning her body towards you, then this is a great sign. However, if she turns her body away from you, crossing her legs and arms in the process, or frowns at you, then this is a bad sign, and it’s advisable you abort this mission of yours.

Notice if a Woman flirts back

Focus on the smiling face of the woman

If she keeps smiling all through your discussion with her, then it seems she’s interested in you and wants the discussion to continue. Many women won’t have any issues looking bored or frowning if they don’t wish to continue the discussion.

Another good sign is laughter, most especially when she laughs at all your jokes, funny or not. It’s even better if she’s blushing.

Check to see if she mimics your movements

Once you’ve walked up to her and initiated the discussion, watch her reaction as you change position. A sign that she wants you already is that she may imitate what you are doing like crossing your legs. The funny thing is that she may not be aware she’s doing this.

Watch her physical contact closely

body language - physical contact

We aren’t referring to kissing here. Though, often, she may touch your shoulder or arm to flirt a bit with you or just to make a point. Anytime she makes any physical contact, this is a great sign that she’s already flirting with you.

She may make attempts to get to your physical space. If she tries to stand or sit closer a bit closer to you, then she may be flirting a bit. Also, she could lean in very frequently. Show her some interest too if you like her by touching her arm lightly while discussing with her.

Notice if she leans into the discussion

The more she engrossed in you, as well as the discussion you are having with her, the more she tries to lean forward. She could just bring her torso a bit forward like she wants to hear you well. If she leans in, don’t dull by moving back. She simply wants to get closer to you.

leaning into the discussion - positive female body language

Notice if she nods her head in agreement with what you’re saying

If she’s engrossed in the discussion, she may nod her head occasionally to let you know she’s listening. Though this may not be an automatic sign that she’s flirting, it is still a good sign.

Notice if she fidgets with things

If she makes fiddling movements like messing with her jewelry, playing with her hair, these are flirting signs. Slow and controlled movements are great signs of flirtation, whereas jerky or tapping movements could mean she’s not interested or she’s bored.

For example, you notice her caressing her neck, lips, or collarbones, then she may be trying to let you know that she’s interested. The fact is she’s subconsciously drawing some attention to these areas.

She may want to get your attention by stroking a wine glass’s stem or running her fingers along her water cup’s rim.

Check to see if she gives you a direct gaze then look away or down

Most times, a woman that likes you will gaze at you directly for a few seconds. However, she may then look across the room for a second or down at her lap. These darting glances mean that she’s interested in you, but a bit shy, too.

Check for shrugging gestures and some signs to show that she’s relaxed.

If she’s holding her palms or shrugging her shoulder face-up, then she’s trying to show you that there’s nothing hidden. She’s also letting you know that she’s open to knowing you more. Rather than look for a stiff back, check for a more relaxed posture.

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Watching for signs that she isn’t interested

Check to notice if she’s looking elsewhere but at you

While a flirting woman may for a moment gaze around the room, she’ll try to catch your eye and steal glances at you. However, if she keeps looking away, this could mean that she’s not interested.

Check to see if her eyes are dilated. If this isn’t the case, then it’s likely that she’s not into you.

Check for any stiff body language

If she sits with crossed arms and a stiff back, then she seems not interested. Also, if she looks very bored and leans on one hand, then she’s looking for a way to give you a polite exit. When her arms are crossed and her body points away from you, then these are signs that she’s not interested in you.

Check to see if a woman suddenly stops smiling and frowns

woman frowning

Smiling is a sign that a woman wants to flirt with you, so frowning also gives the opposite meaning. She may not be interested if she frowns at you or just looks around the room giving a blank stare. Find your way if she doesn’t give you a smile after giving her a grin.

Be attentive if she rejects physical contact with you

If she refuses or backs up when you touch her hands or arms, then she’s simply trying to let you know that she doesn’t want to get close to you. Also, if you come closer for a kiss, and she only stretches her hand, she’s simply letting you know she doesn’t want any physical contact, or she simply wants to be friends with you.

You must respect her boundaries. If she doesn’t seem interested, just back away. It’s advisable to ask before going ahead to hug or kiss someone. This goes a long way.

Believe her when she refuses

If she tells you ‘no’, don’t feel she’s trying to play hard to get. Just believe she doesn’t want to be with you and take your leave. By pushing her boundaries, you’re only going to piss her off.

At times, she may just use a phrase rather than say “no” to refuse you. She could say things like, “I already have a boyfriend”, “I’m not in the mood to chat right now.”

If there’s a need, exit the conversation in a polite way

If you discover that the woman in question does not like you, then leave the conversation as quickly as possible. Most importantly, don’t be rude, remember she didn’t request your attention, and probably she’s not in the right frame of mind to have a conversation.

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