Behind the Beauty: Episode 3


……. Continued from Episode 2: Behind the Beauty

Two weeks passed, yet Praise refused to travel back to Lagos. I had lost count of the number of times we had issues. It was terrible, everyone in the neighborhood knew I had a wild girlfriend; even the landlord invited me over for a chat because he could no longer endure the noisy argument that comes from my room on a daily basis.

My friends soon discovered I was having some issues, they pestered me to reveal to them what was causing my drawback, but I kept it secret. I preferred staying on campus for long hours because my room was no longer a peaceful place to rest.

One evening, I sat in one of the lecture theaters trying to read piled up notes. For the past two weeks, I’ve not been myself and hardly could I face my studies. After sitting for an hour, I realized I wasn’t assimilating anything, so I decided to step out for some fresh air.

A few moments later, a friend Janet came to read and saw me sitting in a confused manner, she walked up to me saying hello. I was carried away that she had to tap me. She smiled saying hello, and I greeted her too. She sat with me and asked what the problem was. I refused to open up to her; I just told her I was stressed out after the lectures and was taking some time to rest.

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She knew I was hiding something, but she acted as if she believed what I said. Next thing, she tried making a call and discovered she had no credit and requested to make use of my phone. I gave it to her not knowing that she wanted to check through my phone to find a clue to what was really happening.

She took some steps away faking a call with a friend while she quickly checked through my phone. I didn’t see Janet for five minutes and then I decided to check her, only to see her emerge suddenly. She thanked me and returned my phone.

She had some things to say and I asked her to go on. She then told me she had checked through my phone and that she wanted me to make a U-turn. She gave me various reasons why I should break up with the lady, and warned me to value my life. She also said that such a lady could be diabolical and I could be locked up in charms. She also asked to be my reading partner, which I agreed.

I appreciated her advice and then took my leave, on getting close to my house I could hear shouts from afar. I rushed to the scene and behold it was Praise again. The funny thing is that people were gathered, but I couldn’t tell the exact person praise was yelling at.

As she noticed my presence, she immediately hurled abusive words at me telling me to warn my landlord’s wife if not she would beat her up. I knew, quite well that Praise would be at fault because I have always known the woman in question to be a cool person. I asked what the issue was, and the Alhaja said she simply told her to burn the refuse she deposited and since then, it had been hell.

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Since I moved to the area, I have never been involved in any fight, so I tried talking to praise to forget the whole matter and then go in, but she refused, she was bent on beating up the woman.

She kept ranting while myself, and some others were trying to calm her down. Soon the gathered crowd started making jest of her, while the women present at the scene threatened to beat her up and give her a public disgrace. On hearing this, she calmed down and went inside. I had got some insult myself for dating a ‘wild dog’, and I just went inside fanning myself.

My phone rang, it was Janet calling to check up on me and to ask when I will fix some time to teach her. After dropping the call, praise grabbed my phone, searching to dial the number that called last. I had to collect the phone from her forcefully. Angrily, she grabbed my shirt and gave me a terrible bite on the chest. I struggled to push her aside, but lo, my t-shirt was stained in my own blood.

Despite the fact she saw the blood she kept yelling, saying I must call Janet that she must warn her never to call me again. She kept warning that if I refuse to call the lady back, she was going to do something terrible to me.

I just stood watching her as she walked around the room, scattering my stuffs I felt she was running mad. When she saw that I was not moved by any of her actions, she suddenly picked up my toasting machine and threw it at my face. At this point, she had overstepped her boundary and the idea of not beating up a woman immediately vanished from my mind as I gave her a quick double slap.

Those slaps came with high intensity as she found herself on the floor. Dazed, she rushed into my kitchen and brought out my well-sharpened knife. She gave a swift attack intended to cause damage to my skin, but having learnt some skills in self-defense, I easily collected the knife and gave her a third resounding slap. That moment, she was not a lady, but a beast and she deserved no special treatment. Love aside, my life was paramount!

Confused on the next move to make, she took my lecture handouts and tore them into shreds, then ran out, slamming the door. I smiled in disbelief as I shut my door from inside.

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