Behind the Beauty: Episode 4


……… Continued from Episode 3

Praise ran to the streets and started yelling for help like I had been beating her. She even tore a part of her dress to show passers-by how desperate she needed their help. As expected, a small crowd gathered immediately, most of which were guys and men; of course, seeing such a beautiful, tall, and sexy young woman cry for help, they will come to defend her, not bothering whether she was right or wrong.

Next, I heard some people yelling as they came towards my door, threatening to beat me up and make an example of me. I even heard some of them saying “We will strip him naked; that’s how some useless men beat up women.” I was tensed, because I’m a very reserved person, and to be publicly disgraced for no reason, will surely leave a scar.

They kept banging hard at my door, as some even thought of breaking my door open. I opened the door and I was shocked on seeing Praise; her hair was scattered, and her clothes were very dirty. I knew she rolled on the ground and scattered her hair in a bid to attract some violence, which she achieved.

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Without asking me any questions, they pounced on me. Luckily for me, my neighbors came in to save the day. No one wants or cares to hear what a woman has done to you, once they see her crying or looking manhandled, then the guy or man in question must be the beast – this is the irony of life in most situations.

My eyes were swollen from the toasting machine throw, and had I not defended myself when she came with a knife, it would have been a different story. I just sat with a swollen mouth and a bruised face as they kept arguing on the matter.

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Soon, most of the men that came to her defense requested her number, promising to come to her rescue if she had any problems. As expected, she gave them all. Also, one of them offered to take her away and she agreed; she came in picked up her bag and left. After they left, my neighbors tried to console me; some gave me drugs for the pain. I just thanked them and went inside. I had my bath and dozed off.

I woke up around 3 a.m. and was hungry. There was no light, so I grabbed my phone to switch on the torch only to see over 40 missed calls. On checking, I noticed the calls came from her family, and I wondered what the problem was. I was so worried that the hunger disappeared.

As I tried calling her mum, her eldest brother’s call came in. I picked, and he started yelling at me. “Why have I been calling your number and you refused to pick? Is there something wrong with you? I have been calling my sister to hear from her and she is not picking; Last time I checked, she said she was coming over to Ife to see you; what have you done with her? Give her the phone immediately!”

The tone of his voice was scary, and it was then I realized I just got myself into another deep mess. I made a big mistake; she came to visit me, and I should have taken the picture of the man she went with or got some details from him for security reasons.

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I tried explaining the whole scenario to him, but he just cut in abruptly: “Listen to me very carefully young man. Whatever you have done with my sister, its better you undo it; wherever she is, you must produce her, and I am giving you till 7 a.m. It will not take me anything to drive down to Ife to get you arrested. You have been warned!”

He ended the call and I just sat thinking of what to do. I tried calling her two lines but they were switched off, and just two things came to my mind: It’s either the man in question had done something bad to her, or she switched off her lines purposely to cause some panic, knowing fully well that her family members will call me to ask after her.

I was so scared. I could not sleep again till morning, and immediately it was daybreak, I dashed out to see my neighbors asking if anyone could recognize the man. Everyone knew nothing about this man in question, and her lines were still switched off.

I had a lecture for 7 a.m., but the thought on my mind was how to report the case to the police. Though some of my neighbors will testify that the lady left my place with an unknown man, the Police could still hold me responsible that I planned the evil act with the man.

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On a cold morning, I felt sweat dripping down from my body. I also felt like peeing and excreting at the same time. I went inside to dress up as I kept cursing the day I met her. Her sister has just called me thrice and my phone was ringing again. On checking, it was Shina. As I picked, he said: Williams, why didn’t you come for this morning lecture? We were given an impromptu test – ten marks. This is unlike you. What happened? Its better you come and see the woman immediately.”

I just dropped the call without saying a word. That was zero out of ten marks for sure, and with the situation at hand, I had more trouble coming. I sat thinking for a while, then my phone rang again. It was a strange number, but suspecting she could be the one, I picked. Lo, it was Praise

She said: “Hello, please are you home? I need to see you right now! I was kidnapped, and somehow, I managed to escape. Seems they are still after me.” On hearing that, I told her to come over. Whether she was lying or not, at least she is okay, and I had no worries about talking to her family.

She came in and narrated the story of how the man kidnapped her and how a man came to her rescue. I did not believe any though, even though some of my neighbors did. I know Praise too well to be fooled. She went in to have her bath, while I sat waiting for her to call using my phone because, according to her, she lost her phone while escaping from the kidnapper’s den.

As I waited, a thought came to my mind to check her bag. It was then I realized that her phone was hidden in one of the bag’s inner pockets – the last place anyone would check. I shook my head in disbelief as I brought the phone out and switched it on. As it came on, a message dropped: “I have not enjoyed such a good fuck for a long time. I cannot wait to have some more. I hope you got the alert? Please call me as soon as you are settled, I’ll be waiting.”

At this point, I was heartbroken. I had to control tears from dropping from my eyes. This lady was having a nice time, making some money, while I could not sleep, was scared, and I missed a test. Well, since she claimed the phone was missing, I switched off the phone and kept it.

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