Behind the Beauty: Episode 5


……. Continued from Behind the beauty: Episode 4

She came out of the bathroom looking sober. She cleaned up herself and asked what I wanted to eat. I said nothing; I dialed her brother’s number and then handed the phone to her. After a short discussion, she ended the call. I also called her sister and mother, and she spoke with them. They tried talking to me, but I refused; I wasn’t impressed with the way they took the whole situation, and I was disappointed in them.

After looking at me for a while, she stripped herself naked, knelt before me and started pleading. She was even more irritating now. The content of the message was still very fresh on my mind, and I didn’t even care about the tears dropping from her eyes.

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I knew she would not stop pleading, so I acted as if I had forgiven her. I raised her, covered her naked body with her towel, and then sat her on the bed to talk to her. Despite how heavy my heart was, I managed to conceal it, as I explained how bad what she did was.

She apologized once again and decided to cook. I could not trust her with my meals anymore, so I told her to cook just for herself, pretending to have a running stomach. When she could not convince me, she went inside the kitchen.

While peeling yams, a thought came to my mind, and immediately, I set a plan to achieve this. This involves returning her phone to the initial location. I swiftly did that, as I sat calmly reading some blog posts.

She came out to search her bag, as I watched her stylishly; she checked the inner pocket and then zipped it back. I then set the next stage of my plan into action – I told her I needed to see my parents the next day for an important meeting. She pretended to be sad, but I knew quite well she was very happy about my intended departure.

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I needed to give her space to make a call because I was sure she will call her latest client, so I told her I needed to get some drugs. Sure, the closest pharmacy will take ten minutes on foot. I kept one of the drugs my neighbors gave me and then set out, while she locked the door from inside. Next, I went straight to the backyard, waiting patiently for her to make a call.

As I peeped, she brought out her phone and switched it on. She read a message and then called immediately. She said: Hello Babe. Sorry, my phone has been off. I wanted some space from that he-goat before contacting you. Of course, he has no choice; he has forgiven me, and I’m well settled now. Thanks for everything. Concerning your latest message, I don’t think we need to lodge tomorrow. I’m not the hotel type. He will be traveling very early tomorrow morning, so you can come over and spend the whole day with me here. I will escort him to the park and ensure the bus moves before inviting you over. I’m sure you love that. Alright, talk to you later.

I knew things will play out this way; however, I still froze at the spot wondering why she could be so heartless. She was only pleading for the fun of it. After waiting for a while, I came in and she welcomed me. I showed her the drugs I went to buy and went in to have my bath, pretending all was well.

The next morning, I went to the park. She went with me, and despite releasing her on time, she was bent on waiting till the bus moves, claiming she wanted to spend the little time left with me before the bus moves. I kept laughing inwards, little did she know of my plans.

I then told her to always remove the key from the inside after locking the door. This, i said was for security reasons, and she fell for it; this was a plan to enable me to open the door with ease from outside. The bus moved and as I checked through the window to wave to her, she had taken a bike and she was on a call.

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Three minutes later, I stopped the driver. Everyone was surprised. I told them I forgot a very important document and I had to go pick it. I didn’t even bother about the 800 naira I paid for the transport fare, I just took a bike and headed to my friend’s place who lived in front of my house.

On getting there, I smuggled myself in as he opened the door. He was surprised to see me and asked why I came in that way. I explained the details to him and immediately, Joe supported the plan. He quickly went out to buy me some food, while I waited patiently watching my house through his window.

He came back and gave me the food. As I ate, he took over the watch. After eating, he asked if this plan was going to work out and I told him there’s a high chance. Besides, I know how men could reason less and get so desperate when it comes to sleeping with a sexy girl. We only needed some patience.

About an hour later, a car parked in front of my gate, and we watched. The same man that took her away the other day, came out and walked straight to my room. She opened the door and he entered. I said: “I will record them with my phone and I will submit it to different blogs.” “No, we should teach this man a lesson. Record first, then we beat him up,” Joe said. He called on two of his neighbors as they followed me in.

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I went to the backyard and the lights were on. Praise hates the room left dark. Even when there’s no light, she switches on the lamp, so I was very sure the recording will be a success. On getting to the window, it was well illuminated, and as expected, they had started moaning. Immediately, I started recording. It was disgusting, but I still had to do it. After recording for about five minutes, I stopped.

Then I went straight to my door, as my friends and neighbors followed. I opened it with the spare key, and lo, two adults using my reading table to make out. They were dazed to see me with two hefty and angry looking boys, and some of my neighbors; of course, who wouldn’t love to see such a sight. They quickly covered their private parts with my notes. I screamed in anger as my friends went in to drag them out.

As expected, the man tried to struggle, as his dick dangled from left to right. I told him confidently: “Mr., no one beats me twice. Have I offended you before? So why do you want to complicate my life like this? Even on my bed? Have you no shame? Oh, my goodness! You can do whatever you like with a bitch, but not on my bed. I brought up this plan to fish you out; next time, you will find a different river to fish. Can you see this? (showed him the video). Just cut the act and hold the wall. I beat you both, I won.”

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On hearing this, the man held the wall as I joined my friends to whip his buttocks and backs hard with a belt. Praise was not left out; the women present at the scene kept pouring soapy water on her, hurling disgraceful and abusive words at her. They were publicly disgraced, as some of my neighbors took pleasure in recording the scene.

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