How To Manage Time and Why It Is Important


The greatest equalizer in life is time but one of the most effective skills is proper time management. You have the same amount of time as the next person regardless of who you are. How? It’s not about how much time you have but how effectively you manage it. Want to achieve your goals without a hitch? Then, you have to avoid like a virus all sorts of distractions and time-wasting habits and get down to serious work.

What Is Time Management?

It’s the effective managing of time so that the right time is allocated to the right activity. It’s the ability to use one’s time effectively, especially at work. Simply put, it’s the ability to divide time between specific activities. It’s also the act of planning the amount of time you spend on which activity.

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Time management is so important in our daily activities and that brings us to:

The Importance of Time Management.

So many people believe their dreams cannot be reached because the time available to them isn’t enough. But guess what? It’s not time limitation that’s the problem but bad time management.

Here are the reasons why we should imbibe the attitude of managing time:

Achieving More Faster

With time management, comes the motivation to stop lazing around and pursuing set goals. With this comes the certainty of reaching goals faster which leads to a boost in self-confidence.


The importance of time management

Proper management of time helps get more done in less time than imagined. Allocating a specific time period to each task and sticking to the plan gives a better result, thereby saving time for other activities.

Less Stress

Improper control of time eventually leads to much stress. But with effective time management, there’s the certainty of reaching set goals without being subjected to much stress.


Procrastination, which is the continuous postponement of tasks that should have been completed is a lack of discipline and it leads nowhere. A good practice of time management helps overcome it and brings about self-discipline.

Career Success

Time management is one key to success. As sound decisions are made and more accomplished, it attracts increased exposure which brings in more business opportunities. As this continues, it leads to advancement opportunities and hence, a successful career.

Now, the question is ‘how can time be managed? Time can be managed by creating a kind of balance between your responsibilities. Without a proper balance, stress and eventually a breakdown is sure. So, to achieve a healthy lifestyle, there’s a need for a balance between work, personal and family time.

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Tips on How to Manage Time.

Set Goals

This is an important factor and it involves creating a list of things to do in the order of importance. Doing this will aid concentration and it must be done the right way to achieve meaningful results.


This is very essential in the proper management of time because a lost focus is lost time. Avoid every form of distraction around and within. Doing everything at the same time isn’t wise. Taking small steps at a time or doing little at a time is the key.

Take Breaks

Keeping a good physical, mental and emotional state is crucial in achieving set goals and so must be given priority. Taking frequent breaks from work to relax will help the body refresh, derive more energy to work smarter in order to enhance productivity.


Starting each day with a clear understanding of what needs to be done is important. Tackle the most difficult or demanding tasks of the day first. Good time management requires an important shift in focus from activities to results. Having control over time leads to control of life. This gives power and freedom, and time management helps maintain this control.

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