tips for stress-free travel

Tips for Stress-Free Travel


It’s a known fact that traveling could be a stressful activity, and you might have asked yourself this question: “Why is traveling so stressful?” Going on vacation can help us get away from work and home pressure, but to travel stress free through the airport and boarding on your flight could be the most difficult part of the journey. I find myself a night before the journey pacing nervously in my room, and inspecting my luggage at least two to three times, arranging my box to ensure nothing is left behind to avoid a last-minute rush. This is why it is necessary to have some tips for stress-free travel.

What are the tips for stress-free travel? Some of the tips for stress-free travel are:

  • Arrive Early
  • Book an Airport Transfer Well In Advance
  • Pack Light
  • Change Your Currency Before You Fly
  • Check-In Online
  • Keep your personal belongings with you
  • Skip the Security Lane
  • Make sure your passport is up to date
  • Be Prepared
  • Put a survival kit in your hand luggage
  • Relax
  • Bring a nice book along
  • Don’t overdo it at the Airport Bar
  • Make sure to bring an International bank card
  • Wear comfy clothes and don’t wear too much jewelry
  • Create a Care Package
how to travel stress-free - How do i calm myself down before a trip?

It is possible to travel stress free. But, for this to occur it requires serious planning. For those who don’t like planning ahead of time, your chances of having a stressful trip are very high. I can testify to this from experience.

From my travel experience so far, there are few things I have found out that have assisted me to always have a stress-free trip and avoid unnecessary drama and stress. This is why I have compiled a list of stress-free travel tips and how to travel easy, to ensure you have a wonderful and fantastic trip!

16 Tips for Stress-Free Travel

Another question that may be bothering your mind is: “How do i calm myself down before a trip?” Here are some tips for stress-free travel to help you calm down before a trip, and ensure you have a wonderful vacation starting from the moment you get to the airport.

Arrive Early

These days, you no longer have to get to the airport an hour before your take-off time. You have to take time to account for emergencies to ensure a stress-free travel

Several times, most people arrive at the parking lot waiting for a flight for over an hour expressing a feeling of resentment that if the van doesn’t arrive early they will miss their flight.

Irrespective of wherever you are traveling, you should always arrive three to four hours ahead of your flight time. Arriving earlier than expected will get rid of any worries about missing my flight.

Book an Airport Transfer Well In Advance

Immediately you have verified your actual take-off time, be sure to have a specific strategy of how you will get to the airport. You could be fortunate to get someone either a family member or friend that can drive you down to the airport.

You can book a cab in advance from a recommended or trusted firm that’s if you will be relying on airport transfer. To avoid disappointment, you can give them a notification serving as a reminder a day before your journey.

Pack Light

pack light to travel stress free

A lot of people are always faced with packing light, but we are gradually adapting to the ‘carry-on only club short trips’ to ensure stress-free travel.

You can learn to travel stress free and how to travel easy with just a carry-on bag. This will help to save a lot of time at the checking counter, since you won’t be checking your bag. Just walk to the computer, and then check- in; before you know it, you are through in no time.

Sincerely, packing a heavy bag while on any journey could be very stressful. Some kind of stuffs you carry sometimes might not even be necessary for the trip or vacation.

Learn to pack less when traveling, because less kind of stuffs are easily stored on the plane. There have been many situations when I watch people trying to stuff their oversized baggage in the overhead luggage compartment while I’m already relaxed on my chair.

Change Your Currency Before You Fly

Imagine you are about boarding your flight when you realize that while preparing for your journey, you forgot to change your money into the foreign currency. You have to be wise enough to change your money into foreign currency before your take-off day at a trusted bureau de change.

To avoid being charged exorbitant commission fees and ensure stress-free travel, don’t put it off until you are the airport. Also, don’t leave it until you have arrived at your destination, because their currency exchange facilities might vary.

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Check-In Online

Another stress-free travel advice is to try checking in ahead of time to save you a lot of time at the airport. Check online and save your tickets on your smartphone or print them out. Doing this, you no longer have to go through the check-in-counter. Rather, just walk straight to the security.

You can also print out your tickets at the cyber café, in case you don’t have a smartphone. By so doing, you can save yourself precious time since you won’t have to go through the stress of checking in.

Keep your personal belongings with you

keep your personal belongings with you - stress-free travel advice

This is a very important aspect concerning how to travel easy, which you need to take note of. During the flight, there have been several reports of people’s items being stolen from their bags. It is important to put your personal belongings in your handbag close to you and recheck to be sure everything is intact before landing.

Though I have never had any of my items stolen while traveling, you have to be very careful with yours. Are you aware your travel insurance doesn’t cover anything when you leave your bag unattended to? Yep.

Skip the Security Lane

The aspect of traveling that can be most time-consuming is the security line. It can be tough sometimes but it’s worth it. Why? Because it takes a lot of frequent flyers point to gain elite status on airlines.

With this stress-free travel advice You can skip a jam-packed security line to get in front of other passengers. If you are someone who doesn’t travel often, getting access to skip the security lane can be very difficult. A lot of cards offer status per without flight time.

The American Express Platinum Card is usually favored by Toronto Pearson’s Cloud, allowing Cardmembers to escape the jam-packed line to get in front just by showing the beautiful looking platinum plastic.

There is this feeling of joy within you knowing that you have cleared away stress and cut off time. Several times I watch people go through the security ahead of me, telling it to my face that I have joined the long queue, the slow lane. By doing this, you’ll have a stress-free travel.

Make sure your passport is up to date

how to travel easy - make sure your passport is up to date

A lot of people don’t know that the validity of their passports is very vital. To travel stress free, your passport has to be valid for at least 6 months from your trip date, most especially when traveling to countries like the United States. By so doing, your passport won’t expire during your trip. People aren’t aware of this and will have to rush for an emergency passport at the airport or else their trip will be cancelled. People miss their flight when faced with this challenge. So, please endeavor you keep this stress-free travel advice in mind! The earlier the better!

Be Prepared

Make sure to bring an International bank card - tips for stress-free travel

At the airport, you need to be very vigilant and security cautious. Prepare those stuff that needs to be thrown in the bin.

Due to the increased rate of terror, custom checks are very tight these days, checking passports and bags with high diligence. Don’t try to rush through the custom to reach duty-free stores; this can attract severe punishment. Don’t joke with the whole process. Don’t be rude to custom officers; be polite and obey all the rules and instructions given if you want to get to your destination within a short time. Approach the officers with seriousness.

At the conveyor belt, all liquids are packed in a small plastic bag, everything is out in flash. Everything goes easily and quickly right into the bin; while others are still trying to figure out where to place their things, I’m done packing up.

Put on an easy slip-on shoe, you might need to pull them off. Also, avoid wearing hats and jackets. Being prepared is one of the most important stress-free travel advice.

Put a survival kit in your hand luggage

One bad thing that could happen is that, your luggage doesn’t get to its destination; no one prays for such. Always put some clean underwear and toiletries in your handbag in case something of such happens. You can always go shopping to buy some summer dress and some bikini, clean underwear is an added advantage.


Having successfully made it through check-in and security, it is now time to relax! To know the direction we will be heading to at boarding time, we take a quick scan of our gate.

Foods, drinks and, the internet can be enjoyed at the lounge which offers an escape from the chaos of the airport, delivering some other benefits such as comfy chairs, magazines, big-screen TVs, and newspapers. This is a very good stress-free travel advice

Bring a nice book along

Bring a nice book along while traveling

This is another stress-free travel advice. You should go along with some music or magazines. Entertainments such as movies are always available for long flights, but short flights do not, thus making your three to four-hour flight longer than it ought to be.

I always like to have a book with me to read while killing time. A kindle paperweight can serve this purpose because it can store lots of books and has to be frequently charged to avoid disappointment. It’s highly recommended!

Don’t overdo it at the Airport Bar

As you have successfully overcome the traffic in time to check-in early, now you are counting down to your take-off time. This is how to travel easy. You can chill at one of the airport bars you find around to while away time. The solution to your boredom isn’t a drinking session.

Though drinking can help to calm your nerves, it’s actually offers no added advantage to your system. You won’t want to pass out while on the plane then landing on foreign soil with a serious hangover. The drink can wait until the journey begins properly.

There is no need for comprehensive planning to have a stress-free journey abroad. Take note of this stress-free travel advice, and you will have a happy and healthy vacation if you apply some common principles.

Make sure to bring an International bank card

Make sure to bring an International bank card

This is a piece of small but vital stress-free travel advice: Remember to enquire if you can use your bank card in a foreign country! With a credit card, you have an added advantage, although an international bank card can be of help too.

You can change your credit card to ‘international’ and having done this, you won’t have to worry about it again. With this, you can make use of my credit card everywhere. Isn’t his awesome? Don’t be that person that will have to borrow from a travel friend; it will be so annoying.

Wear comfy clothes and don’t wear too much jewelry

The airport can be very stressful, most especially when you have to take out virtually all your items to be checked at the security line. Most often, I enjoy traveling with hand luggage which contains cameras, laptops, chargers, and liquids. No boots or excess jewelry needed. Just a few clothes will be okay as well. I always try to keep my luggage very simple with few layers. Simplicity is the key!

Create a Care Package

To avoid discomfort during a flight, be sure to pack every item that will be needed during the flight into a small bag, and placed beside you. This is how to travel easy

You will have a more enjoyable flight if you adapt to the care packaging system. Everything you will need during the flight will be at your disposal. A list of items that can be kept in your flight bags include chapstick, a tube body cream, sunglasses, iPhones, iPads (as a substitute for the entertainment system in case it doesn’t work), headphone inputs, tiger balm, a small packet of tissue, moisturizer, Tylenol, decongestant (in case you don’t feel too well while on the plane), and handy wipes.

You worry less when you have all these items within your reach to save yourself the stress of going through the luggage at the overhead compartment.


In our world today, traveling shouldn’t be something we see with much difficulty or much stress. You might ask: How do i calm myself down before a trip? You can make your trip much comfortable and pleasant right from the moment you arrive at the airport, by making use of our stress-free travel advice. When next you want to go on a vacation, all you have to do is relax and dream of a wonderful time ahead. We are sure that, with these tips for stress-free travel, you are fully covered.

We will love to hear about your stress-free travel tips that have made your trips easier and fantastic. If any?

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