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Keep the Love Alive: 15 Tips to Achieve this


The fact that you’ve settled into the comfortable phases of a relationship doesn’t stop you from putting some time and effort to ensure things remain exciting. Definitely, you don’t want to have the feeling of your partner losing interest in the relationship; so there are some daily habits that will help keep the love alive.

What are the tips to keep the love alive? To keep the love alive, follow these tips:

  • Ask her questions about her daily life
  • Do some Sweet gestures, no matter how little
  • Acknowledge her efforts
  • Let her know that you’re thinking about her
  • Have a different hobby
  • Greet her with Physical Touch
  • Do New Things
  • Stay in touch with her during the day
  • Create some time to catch up
  • Surprise her no matter how small
  • Be Affectionate
  • Prepare for bed together
  • Have a meal together
  • Share whatever is bothering you
  • Keep things interesting

We are not saying you should start doing things you hate doing or meeting all the desires of your partner. Rather, it has to do with cultivating a continued intimacy that will be of benefit to you both as well as maintaining the freshness of the relationship.

When a relationship starts afresh, we tend to tolerate everything our partner does. We even see some of these acts as sexy and adorable. With time, this novelty fades and then we are left with nothing but the familiar. Being familiar, we are deeper in intimacy, and we feel secure and safe. To keep the love alive, a little elbow grease on a daily basis can go a long way.

This path is to be taken by both partners, however, if you don’t know where to start from, there are lots of ways to do your own part. Below are seven relationship habits you can cultivate daily to ensure that things are kept interesting.

15 Tips to Keep the Love Alive

Ask her questions about her daily life

ask her questions about her daily life to keep the love alive

First, show some interest by asking your partner how her day went. Note what they take very important (friends, work, etc.), and then ask her questions about it. This should be done even if you’re not really interested.

If your partner sees this question of yours as important, it will mean so much to her that you are interested in hearing about it. This can keep the love alive.

Do some Sweet gestures, no matter how little

Let her know that you have them in mind by doing something little. This can be as simple as writing her a note or making her coffee. This little act of kindness will go a long way, and in the long-run, it will be appreciated.

Acknowledge her efforts

Whatever she does for you, try to let her know that you’re grateful. People tend to do more for their partners when they know that it has been appreciated. The positive reinforcement can also go a long way in helping the other partner feel appreciated.

Let her know that you’re thinking about her

No matter how busy you may be, find the time, no matter how small to show your partner that you have her in mind.

This could be a call or a text or talking about something that reminds you of her. Don’t let her feel that you only have her in your mind when you’re with her.

Have a different hobby

It’s great if your interests are aligned, but when couples do virtually everything together, they tend to lose that flavor that once attracted them. Our interests ignite enthusiasm and passion, which adds novelty to our personalities, and this will attract our partners.

So, try as much as possible to give each other space from time to time, and then come together later to discuss your experiences. By doing this, you keep the love alive.

Greet her with Physical Touch

Anytime you see her, give her a warm greeting, because physical touch also goes a long way in keeping this spark alive.

Don’t just rush in to do the next thing like work out, carry out an activity, or make dinner), pause for a while and then hug and kiss her. Of course, ensure she is comfortable with it, but it’s an easy, quick way to help you both feel connected.

Do New Things

do new things

Even if taking a long big trip all the time will not be possible, try to go for daily outings or some weekend trips. When you explore with her, both of you will learn new things, scale through challenges, and create memories to last a lifetime.

Stay in touch with her during the day

It makes no sense monitoring your messages every second of the day or text each other all through, at least you’re not jobless; even a jobless man will still spend some time doing other things like eating and sleeping. But to keep your relationship with her strong, try to stay in touch with her.

This might entail sending her a quick message just to say hi or responding to her when she reaches out to you, even if you’re somewhat busy to reply her at that very moment.

This is very important in any relationship because from time to time we constantly evaluate if we can bank on our partner and if we are valued; so, expect that she’ll do this.

When she feels these things, emotional safety will be created, and she’ll feel bonded and connected, and texting is a great way to begin.

Create some time to catch up

Similarly, remember that most successful couples take time every day to share their experiences. This is one habit you should cultivate if you’ve not been doing this. The content shared isn’t the important factor here but the fact that you people connect with each other.

This can be done at any time of the day. Just ensure that both of you are totally focused.

Surprise her no matter how small

True, not all the days of your relationship will be exciting or meaningful. However, try to surprise her in small ways; this will help keep the relationship strong.

This might include doing part of her chores in cases where she’s sick or stressed out or making her coffee. Gestures such as these will reveal to her that you’re paying some attention to her.

Be Affectionate

It is very easy to forget showing some affection towards your woman. This helps to keep the love alive. It may even reach a point where you stop kissing or hugging, just because both of you are busy.

However, these things are very important that it even needs to be turned into a habit

Prepare for bed together

If you live with your woman, try going to bed at the same time as a way of maintaining and connecting in the relationship. This could begin at any time in the evening. Building bedtime rituals, having pillow talk are things that can increase physical and emotional intimacy and ensures the strength of your relationship.

If you don’t stay together, spend some time every evening to chat, or have a video call while preparing for bed. Whatever method is chosen, it will be a great way to end the day.

Have a Meal Together

have a meal together - keep the love alive

While sharing a meal doesn’t have to be fancy, having it could be a very beneficial habit to mark the day. By sharing a meal, you’re having an interaction rather than being elsewhere mentally.

While eating, you can discuss your next vacation, goals, and dreams, etc. No matter the type of meal, by eating together, both of you will stay connected.

Share whatever is bothering you

If your day has been tough, or you aren’t feeling too good, try to inform her. Remember, no one can read your mind. With this habit, both of you will be on the same page, while making way for you both to discuss what’s going on.

Take a minute daily to share how you feel and ask your partner what she’s going through. This will both bring your partner into your inner world as well as provide a way of connecting and supporting each other.

Keep things interesting

Though life cannot always be fun and light, it’s not bad searching for ways to stay positive as couples; this could involve joking around. Laughter doesn’t just relieve stress; it also helps to release endorphins which makes us feel better physically.

Positivity can make it very easy to reduce tough times. Texting frequently or laughing may not be such a big deal. However, if these things are done frequently, and you make efforts turning them into habits.

As you keep practicing this in your relationship, it will keep waxing stronger and the flames of love will keep burning.

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