Tertiary education

Tertiary Education & Its Significance In Nigeria


It is no doubt that education is key in our lives. An educated mind is a liberated mind. Tertiary education opens you to better opportunities, and not just opportunities, it changes your mindset.

This is one of the reasons people invest a lot of money, time, and resources to get quality education. While growing up, I learned that “Education is key”. Those words are still true.

If education is free or not in this part of the world, that is a topic for another day. Above all, it is interesting to take a general assessment of tertiary education in Nigeria. If this were left for a debate, I’m quite sure banters would be thrown at both tables of discussion.

I shall be taking my viewpoints from the perspective of federal education in Nigeria. As a “beneficiary” of federal education, I can say categorically that a lot of resources need to be pulled into our educational sector.

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It is quite disheartening to see that the educational sector is given less priority. It is not only the educational sector that suffers, but we can begin to invest in our human capacity development which will aid the growth of our country.

Our curriculum is the first assessment I shall look into. So many ingredients that would facilitate adequate learning abilities in our undergraduates are missing in our school’s curriculum.

We should not be teaching outdated curriculum at this stage in tertiary institutions. What happens when a lecturer dictates from a note he used as an undergraduate in the year 1990 to teach his students in the year 2020? This is so sad. This takes me to my next point of assessment.

Furthermore, we need to keep our lecturers on their toes. The Nigerian Universities Commission should not just rank universities. They should ensure proper researches into our tertiary institutions. Both students and lecturers should undergo rigorous studies and adequate research systems should be provided.

Also, our infrastructure matters. What infrastructure do we have as a nation? Our infrastructure can put us on the world map. Our laboratories must have the necessary equipment, and our libraries must have good books. It is good we now have an e-learning system. But there must be frequent updates on our learning facilities.

Going further, our learning environment should be conducive to all. This will aid learning in our undergraduates. It is true not everyone can pay a huge amount of money for tertiary education, but learning can only be fun by the creation and activation of proper measures, now and always. As I always know, “Education is key!”

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