Goldman Sachs CEO

Female Banker May Be the Next Goldman Sachs CEO

There have a lot of reactions from different quarters as a female banker is set to succeed Goldman Sachs CEO. Women have been doing quite remarkably well in different sectors across the globe. It is noteworthy that a female banker may take the baton of leadership at Goldman Sachs. 43- year old amazing Stephanie Cohen […]

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Governor Gavin Newsom

Governor Gavin Newsom Sets To Protect Wildlife From Harmful Rodenticides

Governor Gavin Newsom has placed a premium value on mountain lions and some wildlife from very deadly rodenticides by signing some legislation to this effect. It is important to keep some wildlife from very dangerous rodenticides that may shorten their lifespan. The use of rodenticides of any form has been forbidden. This is to help […]

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iraqi archbishop

Iraqi Archbishop Gets Nominated For EU Human Rights Award

An Iraqi archbishop, Mikhael Moussa has been nominated for the EU Human Rights Award. This is coming after the archbishop ensured that some significant documents were well-secured during the invasion of ISIS. Awards are a means of recognizing people’s contributions to society. It is a way of showing that their quotas are not discarded and […]

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10,500-acre nature reserve

10,500-Acre Nature Reserve To be funded By Scottish Community

The Scottish community is looking at raising some amount of money to fund a 10,500-acre nature reserve. Nature is beautiful and funding some nature reserve would not be a bad idea. That is one of the reasons the Scottish community is planning to raise some money to fund a nature reserve. The nature reserve would […]

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5-year-old presents baby yoda

5-year-old Presents Baby Yoda to Protect California Firefighters

It is no longer news that California has battled with ravaging wildfires recently. It has also taken some interventions from various quarters to help fight the ravaging wildfires. However, this is coming as a surprise as a 5-year-old presents Baby Yoda to the firefighters of California. The Baby Yoda is believed to be magical in […]

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lost wedding ring

Lost Wedding Ring Found After Several Weeks

A man named Matt Eastley who lost his wedding ring has finally retrieved it after some weeks. The lost wedding ring was said to be found by a mother and her daughter. Matt Eastley was very pained when he misplaced his wedding ring and he thought he was never going to find it again. Not […]

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watching cute animals improves health

Watching Cute Animals Improves Health, Science Reveals

Science always reveals so many scientific things to us through methodic research and evidence. One of the interesting revelations is that watching cute animals improves health. Everyone wants improved health and one of the ways this can be achieved is to continuously watch cute animals. Science always has backings and one of the backings for […]

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