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Army Ranger Patrick Payne Presented Congressional Medal of Honor for Heroism


It is no doubt that Army Ranger Patrick Payne is a hero who has done great heroic deeds. This is one of the reasons the White House presented the Congressional Medal of Honor for Heroism to Patrick Payne for his selfless actions that were pivotal to liberating 75 hostages.

These hostages according to reports were under fire during a rescue mission about five years ago in Hawiza in Iraq. Payne and his fellow rangers fought through the fire and raining bullets ensuring that human lives were safe and secure.

It is highly commendable that Payne had joined the army as a result of the motivation he got. As an act of patriotism, and the desire to defend the United States, Payne gave his all relentlessly in his service to humanity.

When he found out that the captives were held in hostages behind a metal door protected by two hard metal padlocks, he grabbed a pair of Colt cutters, and went through the flames. He was able to cut one of the padlocks before the heat was too unbearable for him making him exit the building for some air.

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However, he ran back after he caught his breath and he eventually grabbed the last padlock and he was able to release the 75 hostages as the building later collapsed.

He made sure no one was left behind. He ran into the building two times in order to save everyone. Payne is assigned to the US Army Special Operations Command and he was awarded the greatest military award from the President on September 11, 2020.

 His actions in service have been highly commendable and awarded as he is tagged as a hero who is so selfless. This award to army ranger Patrick Payne is one of its kind and it is indeed so honorable for him.

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