DNA Solves A 35-Year Rape Case

DNA Solves A 35-Year Rape Case


The Police and Prosecutors of Rochester, New York have made it known through a press conference held last Friday which reveals how DNA solves a 35-year rape case. Through the DNA conducted, a man has been figured out to be a suspect of a rape case.

The man named Timothy Williams has been arrested for allegedly killing a young girl based in Rochester, area of New York City 35 years ago. The victim named Wendy Jerome was 14 at the time the said incident occurred. Jerome was reportedly raped and then killed on Thanksgiving Day in the year 1984, during the process of delivering a birthday card to someone in the neighborhood.

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Thirty-five years later, the suspect, Williams aged 56 was placed under arrest on Wednesday at his Melbourne residence in Florida. Meanwhile, the victim’s mother, Marlene Jerome has appreciated the Rochester department of Police for ensuring that the culprit was being arraigned and for not sweeping the case under the carpet.

According to Jerome’s mother, she never expected this day will ever come; only that she would have loved if her husband was alive to witness it. Jerome’s body was found by a pedestrian near a school dumpster the night that incidence took place.

It was revealed by Rochester Police Captain, Frank Umbrino that on the body of the lady, there were “obvious signs of trauma”. In 1999, DNA gotten from the semen after performing an autopsy, was later uploaded to the DNA database of the FBI, but it was reported that there were no matches not until July 2020 when the New York law was amended to permit law enforcement to look out for similar matches to the DNA test conducted during criminal investigations back in 2017.

Williams’ involvement in the rape was finally confirmed through an extra DNA sample test conducted, and finally DNA solves a 35-year old rape case. It was revealed that Williams resided in the same neighborhood with Jerome in 1984, and now he is being brought to book.

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