Two-third of Americans

Two-Thirds of Americans Have Become Better People


Two-thirds of Americans have become better people this year. According to a recent survey conducted this year, two-thirds of Americans revealed that quarantine has made them become a better person.

It was revealed from the polls that 55% of respondents were displeased with some of the activities they engaged in before the quarantine. There has been a reevaluation of self since many spent some months at home. This has given 70% an opportunity to learn and discover more about themselves.

This poll was conducted by One Poll and supported by Coravin. The survey revealed that the quarantine periods changed Americans’ perspectives about life.

Some respondents of the polls revealed that it was a moment of reflection as they were able to learn new hobbies, with new skills not left behind with their abilities to discover new passion and zest for life. 35% revealed that they would want to continue these newly found passion and hobbies post quarantine.

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It has given more than 27% of the respondents the ample opportunity to explore and discover personal interests and strengths that transcend beyond work.

46% of the respondents want to spend more quality time with both family and friends. The gifts of family and friends cannot be overemphasized. 38% of the respondents believe that they need to create more time for tangible relationships with people in their neighborhood.

From the polls conducted, 32.53% of respondents want to travel to New destinations while 41.23% of respondents no longer joke with hugs. 34.80% want to continue with new hobbies they discovered during quarantine with 45.60% want to spend quality time with friends and family. These are some of the things Americans want to continue after the lockdown.

It is indeed true that two-thirds of Americans have become a better person because the pandemic has taught a lot of Americans to value family and friends as 27.90% want to be closer to their loved ones.

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